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Plant Science Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Plant Science Jeopardy

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Plant Science Jeopardy
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Plant Science Jeopardy

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  1. Plant Science Jeopardy

  2. Jeopardy With your host, Mr. C What is our first Topic? “Plant Science”

  3. Soil Basics Click Here to go to Final Jeopardy

  4. What are 5 roles plants serve in the ecosystem? Oxygen, food, reduce soil erosion, medicines, heat, products?

  5. What are 4 ways we discussed that plants differ from animals? • Plants differ from animals in several ways • Plants produce their own food with the aid of nutrients from the soil. • Plants are stationary. • Plants have rigid cell walls with cell membranes inside. • Plants utilize carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. • ?

  6. List 5 major factors that affect plant growth? Light, temperature, water, growing media, nutrient availability?

  7. refers to the length of the plant’s life Life cycle?

  8. Leaves- makes food for the plant through a process known as Photosynthesis?

  9. complete life within one year. - complete life cycle in two years - plants live for more than two years Annual, biennial, perennial?

  10. Define respiration. ?

  11. Vascular tubes that carry nutrients down through the plant? ?Phloem

  12. Vascular tubes that carry nutrients up through the plant? xylem?

  13. This process takes place when plants release moisture through stoma into the atmosphere transpiration?

  14. What are three leaf attachment types? Alternate, opposite, whorled?

  15. This substance is what makes plants green? • chlorophyll?

  16. explain photosynthesis in detail? Process in which presence of sunlight in green living plants converts carbon dioxide and water to carbohydrates?

  17. What is the name of the simple sugar plants produce? glucose?

  18. Approximately ____% of weight of plants comes from products of photosynthesis 95%?

  19. List 5 of the 6 different parts of the stem. Bark, cortex, phloem, cambium, xylem, pith?

  20. What are 3 roles of roots? Anchor plant Take in water and nutrients Store energy?

  21. 2 types of roots Taproot, fibrous?

  22. The reproduction of plants asexually or sexually? propagation?

  23. The process of a seed growing into a sprout Is known as. germination?

  24. A flower with both stamen and pistil? Perfect flower?

  25. A flower having 4 principle parts – sepal, petals, stamen, and pistil? Complete?

  26. The union of pollen and ovule cells? fertilization?

  27. This structure is located at the first bud starting from the bottom of the plant? cotyledon?

  28. What are 4 of the 5 types of vegetative propagation? • Layering • Involves getting roots to grow from the stem. I.e., magnolia tree • Cutting • Using a short section of plant stems for propagation. • Budding • Taking a bud from one plant and moving it to another. • Grafting • Placing a section of a stem of one plant onto another plant. • Tissue culture • Taking a group of cells or a single cell and growing it to a plant.?

  29. Final Jeopardy!! Category: plant reproduction Please Place Your Bets

  30. Draw and lable all the parts of a complete flower that contains all male, female, and other important plant parts. (The drawing on the first page)

  31. Credits Power Point Design by Michael Christopherson The Plant Science test will be tomorrow (Fri.). Good Luck. Sound made possible by the following site:

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