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Gore and Clinton

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Gore and Clinton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gore Running for Presidency. Gore and Clinton. Icecap. 2003 . 1979. Polar Icecap. tundra. ridge. oil spill. Lesson Three. Ships in the Desert. 1. process. 1. to prepare by a special method. One has to process a photographic film to print pictures from it.

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Gore Running for Presidency

Gore and Clinton

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



Advanced English Book I Lesson 3




Polar Icecap

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


oil spill

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


Lesson Three

Ships in the Desert

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


1. process

1. to prepare by a special method

One has to process a photographic film to print

pictures from it.

2. to put through the steps of a

prescribed procedure

My job involves receiving the order, processing it,

and dispatching the goods.

capable of processing … on a good day

having the ability of cleaning and preparing for

marketing or canning 50 tons of fish caught on

a productive day

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


What does the “it” refer to in this sentence?

the prospect of a good catch looked bleak

it was not at all possible to have a good catch,

to catch a large amount of fish


that stretched…to the horizon

that extended as far as the eye could see;

that extended to the far off place where the

sky meets the earth

the Aral Sea

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


the Trans-Antarctic Mountains

Why did Gore say the sun glared through a hole

in the sky? Where does the hole come from?

ozone depletion


cracked and peeling


the Clean Air Act

ozone; carbon monoxide; lead; sulfur dioxide;


Where does Gore refer to when saying “the

bottom of the world, two continents away

from Washington, D. C.”?

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



to secure the release of previously top secret data

to ensure the making public of data which were

originally classified as top secret



to delineate the outline or form of

Extend before our eyes are gentle hills that

were defined against the sky.


How are these hummocks formed?

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



come together with violent, direct


In running round the corner, he collided with

another man.


When truths collide, compromise becomes

the first casualty. (Henry A. Kissinger)

an outline/a model of an expected or

a supposed sequence of events


In the scenario posed by many climatologists,

decades of continued global warming would

raise sea levels anywhere from 20 inches to

more than 11 feet as the polar ice caps melt

and the ocean's upper layers expand.

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


Considering such scenarios…exercise:

Thinking about how a series of events might

happen as a consequence of the thinning of

the polar cap is not just a kind of practice in

conjecture (speculation), it has got practical




Amazon rain forest

1 acre

43,560 square feet

13277 square meters

fast pasture

pasture where cattle can be raised quickly

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



which means…even heard

since miles of forest are being destroyed and

the habitat for these rare birds no longer exists,

thousands of birds which we have not even had

a chance to see will become extinct


Typical examples showing the dangerous

environmental situation in the world can

be found almost anywhere.

the sky itself offers another ghostly image

the sky alone presents another example of ill

omen showing there is ecological imbalance

and this kind of imbalance is developing

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


we are ripping…darkness

we are using and destroying resources in such

volume that we are disturbing the balance

between daylight and darkness

changing the chemistry…atmosphere

changing the chemical composition of atmosphere

in high altitude

to shine or sparkle with reflected light,

as a wet or polished surface; to shine with

a sparkling luster


implies transient or constant light that

often appears against a dark background


The snow glistened in the dawn light.

The light gleams an instant, then it's night

once more.

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


to do sth.

by sth.

be startled

at sth.

I was startled by/at the news of his death.

She was startled to see him looking so ill.

v. + sb. into + doing sth.

v. + sb. out of + doing sth.

Why do…effectively?

Why do some symbols so alarm us that we

immediately take action and concentrate

on ways of dealing with them effectively?

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


And why do…distraction?

And why do other symbols, though sometimes

no less striking, only cause a kind of loss and

inactivity and we concentrate our attention not

on the ways to deal with them but instead, on

some other substitutes which are easy to get

and less painful?

it may be…appropriately

it may be useful to arrange them into different

groups, thus getting our thoughts and feelings

straightened out so that we will be able to take

the most suitable action

What might be the difference between “local”

skirmishes, “regional” battles and “strategic”


Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


be understood in a global context

be viewed against the background of the world

acid rain


oil spill

the pattern appears to be global

it seems that the problem has acquired a global

nature since so many similar things occur at the

same time all over the world

Why aren’t the problems regarded as strategic?



Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


the fragility of the earth’s natural system

the fact that the earth’s natural systems are

very delicate and can easily be disrupted

1. a coastal rise in water level caused

by wind; a heavy, billowing, or swelling

motion like that of great waves



The sea was rolling in immense surges.

surges of smoke

2. a sudden onrush

a surge of pity/joy

A surge of anger rushed over him .

a sudden acceleration…revolution

the scientific and technological revolution

suddenly develops more rapidly

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3








which has allowed…the world around us

which has increased our power to influence the

world around us to such a degree that can hardly

be conceived

physical matter

material substance

viewed in a historical context

we look at the matter from a historical point of


modern humans





in the course of our human lifetime

during the life span of an individual

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3



half way



currently taking place

the ongoing festival/ceremony

a number/symbol, denoting the power

to which that number, symbol/expression

is to be raised


has…suddenly accelerated exponentially

has…suddenly developed at a speed that doubled

and tripled that original speed

a self-evident/universally recognized truth;

which is generally accepted as true and

doesn’t need to be proved


Archimedean axiom

Euclidean axiom

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


It is an economic axiom as old as the hills that

goods and services can be paid for only with

goods and services.

specify the occupation by means of

which one earns an income


applies to what is necessary to

sustain life and esp. to the food

needed for health and comfort



Painting is her ____________.

The urban homeless are often in desperate

need of ______________.

daily ______________

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


While no single discovery has had the kind of effect

on our relationship to the earth that unclear weapons

have had on our relationship to warfare, it is

nevertheless true that taken together, they have

completely transformed our cumulative ability to

exploit the earth for sustenance—making the

consequences of unstrained exploitation every bit as

unthinkable as the consequences of unrestrained

nuclear war.

originally, our ability to utilize the earth productively

for survival grew by gradual addition but now these

discoveries have changed the ability fundamentally,

and this increased ability had made the result of

unlimited use of global resources altogether as

terrible as the results of full-scale nuclear war

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3


Our challenge…awaken us.

Our task is to see and to understand that those

frightening examples of environmental destruction

that are happening all over the world not only can

shock and arouse us but are very much the same

in nature.

They are symptoms…faced.

They are signs and indications showing that there

exists a much greater and more serious problem

which we have never encountered.


to see ourselves…used to

to regard ourselves as part of a compacted system

which does not function according to the rule of

cause-effect we are familiar with

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3




1. together; joint; jointly; mutually

coeducation; co-operation;

2. partner or associate in an activity

coauthor; cofounder; coworker; co-architect;

co-star; cofounder

3. subordinate or assistant

copilot; coflyer

4. to the same extent or degree

coextensive; coexist; coequality

to see ourselves…used to

to regard ourselves as part of a complex system

which does not function according to the rule of

cause-effect we are familiar with

Advanced English Book I Lesson 3