Welcome to mrs mason s 6 th grade language arts class
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Welcome to Mrs. Mason’s 6 th Grade Language Arts Class!. I am SO happy to be your language arts teacher this year! Have a seat, get out a pencil, store all other belongings under your desk, sit quietly and wait for additional instruction!. A little about me… .

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Welcome to mrs mason s 6 th grade language arts class

Welcome to Mrs. Mason’s 6thGrade Language Arts Class!

I am SO happy to be your language arts teacher this year!

Have a seat, get out a pencil, store all other belongings under your desk, sit quietly and wait for additional instruction!

A little about me
A little about me…

  • I’m married with an almost-5-year-old son, Landrick, and a 2 year-old daughter, Milyn.

  • My hobbies include reading, exercising, baking, gardening, and taking photographs.

  • Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.

  • I love, love, love to sleep! (But don’t have much time for that anymore:)

  • Spelling is my Achilles heel!

  • Random Q: Can anyone guess how we came up with Landrick and Milyn’s names?

A little about you
A little about you…

Note Cards

Front: Name (Last, First, Name you wish to be called)



Parent/Guardian Names

Parent/Guardian Phone #

Back: What would you like me to know about you?

Mrs mason s great expectations
Mrs. Mason’s Great Expectations!

  • Be here, be on time, & be prepared!

  • Be respectful to people and things.

  • Participation is expected.

  • Leave negative thoughts at the door.

  • Follow all school rules - Familiarize yourself with and follow all of the rules in the student handbook.

Just a little housekeeping
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Handing in assignments:

  • Place all assignments face up on the upper right corner of your desk.

  • Upon Mrs. Mason’s request, gather all papers from your desk pod and place in one pile, face up.

  • Papers will be collected by Mrs. Mason or a class helper.

Just a little housekeeping1
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Signal for attention:

  • Mrs. Mason will:

    • Say “Class, Class”

  • You will:

    • Immediately stop speaking

    • Respond by saying “Yes, Yes”

    • Establish eye contact with Mrs. Mason

    • Wait quietly for further instruction.

Just a little housekeeping2
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Entering the Classroom:

  • Do not enter the classroom unless Mrs. Mason is at the doorway or in the classroom.

  • Line up outside of the classroom door against the wall in a single file line.

  • Wait patiently for the room to be completely cleared and permission from Mrs. Mason to enter has been granted.

  • Immediately go to your seat, get out a pencil and sheet of paper. Store all other belongings under your chair.

  • Begin working on posted Bell Work.

  • You should be in your seat and working as quickly as possible.

Just a little housekeeping3
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Sitting in your chair:

  • Sit face forward with your back against the chair’s backrest.

  • Both feet should be on the floor.

  • Keep all 4 chair legs on the floor at all times (Four on the Floor).

Just a little housekeeping4
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Moving around the room:

  • Always ask permission.

  • Wait till the end of the class to throw items away, etc.

  • Take the most direct route to your destination and the most direct route back to your seat.

Just a little housekeeping5
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Heading your Paper:

  • In the upper RIGHT side of your paper you must ALWAYS put the following:





  • In the upper RIGHT side of your paper write your designated number and circle it.

Just a little housekeeping6
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

End of class dismissal:

  • The bell does not dismiss the class, Mrs. Mason does.

  • Wait for verbal cue from Mrs. Mason before you get up from your seat.

  • Make sure you take all of your personal belongings and any trash.

Just a little housekeeping7
Just a *little* Housekeeping…


  • Enter the classroom quickly and quietly.

  • Have a seat, take out your materials, and get to work.

  • Do not draw attention to yourself when entering (or exiting) the classroom.

  • Speak to Mrs. Mason after class about why you were tardy.

Just a little housekeeping8
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Need paper or pencil:

  • Go directly to the resource table

  • DO NOT ask your classmates for a pencil or paper

  • Grab a pencil off of the silver tray or paper out of the paper tray

  • Return the pencil at the end of class

  • Come to class the following day with all of the required materials

Just a little housekeeping9
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Pencil Sharpening:

  • Sharpen your pencil using the electric pencil sharpener as soon as you enter the classroom.

  • If your pencil breaks during class, raise it into the air.

  • Wait for Mrs. Mason to grant you permission to use the electronic or handheld pencil sharpener.

  • Return to your seat promptly.

Just a little housekeeping10
Just a *little* Housekeeping…


  • You should use the restroom during class changes.

  • Restroom passes will only be permitted in emergencies.

Just a little housekeeping11
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

If a restroom emergency arises:

  • Raise your hand with 3 fingers in the air.

  • Wait for Mrs. Mason acknowledge you.

  • Move magnet on IN/OUT board

  • Obtain the proper hall pass and sign the leaving log.

  • Proceed to restroom and return quickly

Just a little housekeeping12
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Need a tissue or hand sanitizer?

  • Raise your hand with 4 fingers in the air.

  • Wait for permission from Mrs. Mason to exit your chair.

  • Obtain the tissue, etc., and return to your seat quietly.

Just a little housekeeping13
Just a *little* Housekeeping…


  • Students will not be permitted to leave class to get a drink.

  • Obtain drinks from the water fountain prior to entering the room.

Just a little housekeeping14
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Leaving the room (other than at the end of class):

  • Once permission is granted from Mrs. Mason (for any number of reasons), move the magnet that corresponds to your assigned number on the In/Out board to the area designated for where you are going.

    Reentering the room:

  • Enter the room quickly and quietly.

  • Move your numbered magnet back to ‘In the Room’ spot on the in/out board.

  • Return to your seat quickly and quietly.

Just a little housekeeping15
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

What time is it?

  • The classroom clock is located above Mrs. Mason’s SMART Board.

  • Look at the clock and determine the time.

  • Do not ask Mrs. Mason or others what time it is or when class will end.

Just a little housekeeping16
Just a *little* Housekeeping…


  • All homework will be used as a formative assessment.

  • Although it will not count as an official grade, record of completed homework will be kept in Infinite Campus.

  • All homework assignments must be completed before any retakes (if necessary) can be attempted.

Just a little housekeeping17
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

No Homework:

  • On a BLANK sheet of notebook paper provide ALL required paper heading information, and provide a written explanation as to why do you not have your homework to submit.

  • Turn in sheet of paper with all other homework papers submitted at your table.

  • Complete assignment as soon as possible.

Just a little housekeeping18
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Late Submission of Work:

  • Make sure your paper has the required heading.

  • Place work in wire basket on the corner of Mrs. Mason’s desk.

Just a little housekeeping19
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

What to do when you are absent:

  • Go to the ‘Absent?’ section of the bulletin board, find the file folder that displays your class period, retrieve the copy of each item within the specific file folder that contains your name.

  • If the material is intended to be placed in your journal, you may retrieve your journal and paste the information in the appropriate position (seek help from a classmate, if necessary).

Just a little housekeeping20
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Intercom/Phone/Visitor Interruptions:

  • If working in cooperative groups or participating in a class discussion, immediately stop talking and remain silent until Mrs. Mason resumes class.

  • If working on work at your seat, remain silent until Mrs. Mason is off of the phone, the intercom has stopped talking, or the visitor has left the doorway.

Just a little housekeeping21
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Lining up to leave the room as a class:

  • Line up in a single file line on the right-hand side of the hall.

  • Remain silent

  • Keep hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself.

Just a little housekeeping22
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Need the Nurse?

  • Hold your hand up with 2 fingers pointed upward.

  • Wait quietly for Mrs. Mason to assist you.

Just a little housekeeping23
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Finished Early?

  • Work on unfinished assignments for Mrs. Mason’s class.

  • Read your ‘choice’ novel.

  • Work on homework for another class (if all assignments are complete for Mrs. Mason’s class).

Just a little housekeeping24
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Areas ‘Off Limits’:

  • Students are not permitted behind Mrs. Mason’s desk or in the purple cabinet unless permission has been granted.

Just a little housekeeping25
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Computer Use:

  • Students are not allowed on classroom computers unless granted permission by Mrs. Mason.

Just a little housekeeping26
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Working in Cooperative Groups:

  • Groups are most often determined by Mrs. Mason.

  • Do not ask to choose your own groups, as this is a privilege you can earn.

  • Volume level should remain at a level 2 or below (slightly above a whisper).

  • ALL group members are expected to actively participate.

  • If students are unable to work in groups in an effective manner, that privilege will be revoked.

Just a little housekeeping27
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Cooperative Groups:

Each week groups will elect the following positions:

  • Leader, responsible for making sure all submitted assignments have proper headings, students are on task, participating, etc.

  • Trash Collector, responsible for trash/recycling removal at the end of each period.

  • Bell Work Inspector, responsible for making sure all students begin bell work upon entering the classroom.

  • Agenda/Assignment Reminder, responsible for making sure all group members have agenda/assignment information written in agenda.

Just a little housekeeping28
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Classroom Helpers:

  • Student helpers will be selected each Monday.

  • Students may not have a job two weeks in a row.

  • Students may lose their privilege of being a helper if they exhibit improper behavior.

Just a little housekeeping29
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Class Jobs:

Paper Helper – pass out and pick up all handouts (homework, assignments, etc.)Supplies Helper – pass out and pick up any supplies, ensure all pencils returned at the end of class

Runner – run errands as needed

Extra Hands – erase board, pass out ‘extras’, odd jobs as needed

Who’s Absent – take and mark attendance on in/out board, gather and label assignments for those absent, remind students to check Absent folder.

Sub – fill in for any helper who is absent, or unable to fulfill job duties

Just a little housekeeping30
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Cooperative Groups:

  • Each day each group will begin the class period with a GREEN CARD.

  • Groups will retain the GREEN CARD as long as ALL group members are on task, working, participating, following procedures and giving their best effort in class.

  • A group will be given a YELLOW CARD if they are off task, not following procedures, talking too loudly, and/or not completing their given task.

  • A group will be awarded a RED CARD if they continue to not follow procedures, remain off task after yellow card, continue to talk loudly, and/or not productive.

  • ALL MEMBERS of a RED CARD group will lose their 10 minute break.

Just a little housekeeping31
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Class Disruptions/Failure to follow procedures/Rule Breaking:

  • See ‘Checkmark’ policy.

Just a little housekeeping32
Just a *little* Housekeeping…


  • Standards Based Grading will be implemented in this class.

  • Homework and other in-class assignments/activities will be formatively assessed. This means that they will not be worth any ‘points’ but must be completed before any retakes can be completed on a given learning target.

  • Summative assessments will be graded on a 3 (Mastery), 2 (Developing), 1 (Basic) scale.

  • Students must achieve a 2 or better on each learning target. Achievement of less than a 2 on any given learning target will be result in additional ‘Target Practice’ and a retake (taking another exam that assesses the same learning target).

  • FYI: Retakes are often more time consuming and difficult than the first assessment provided. This means you should TRY YOUR BEST and STUDY for the first assessment to avoid retakes if at all possible.

  • Students may retake any learning target they wish, as many times as they wish until the desired grade is achieved.

  • Percentages (letter grades) will be determined based on the number of points achieved during a specific nine weeks.

Just a little housekeeping33
Just a *little* Housekeeping…

Target Practice/Retakes:

  • Students who achieve less than a 2 on any given learning target will be required to complete ‘Target’ practice before completing a retake.

  • Students must also have all homework assignments completed before a retake may be completed.

Rewarding good behavior
Rewarding Good Behavior

Sweet Behavior earns you Brownie Points:

  • Points will be awarded for various reasons, including but not limited to:

    • Receiving compliments from other teachers or administrators.

    • Special event attendance (CoffeeTree Books book ventures, etc.).

    • Thoughtful comments, learning from classmates, etc.

    • Performing random acts of kindness witnessed by Mrs. Mason

    • Homework completed on time by the ENTIRE class

    • Outstanding behavior report by a substitute

    • Use or identification of vocab words in regular classroom setting.

    • Book reviews/reccommendations.

    • Working well in collaborative groups (all groups on green).

    • All materials brought by ENTIRE class (binder, agenda, paper, pencil)

    • Awesome classroom discussion participation.

    • Anything else Mrs. Mason feels is appropriate and super-awesome

Rewarding good behavior1
Rewarding Good Behavior

Points will be taken away for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Poor or disrespectful behavior

  • Excessive class disruptions

  • Groups on red

  • Poor library behavior

  • Poor hallway behavior

  • Excessive restroom trips

Rewarding good behavior2
Rewarding Good Behavior

Once your pan is filled, a random reward will be selected including, but not limited to:

  • Use of electronic devices (for MUSIC ONLY) during independent classwork.

  • Pick your own seat day

  • Candy in class pass

  • Music while working

  • Outside writing session (weather permitting)

  • Extra ‘Read-Aloud’ time

  • Mason’s Funny Attire Day

  • Other good (and appropriate) class-generated ideas