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Week Thirteen

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Week Thirteen
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Week Thirteen

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  1. Week Thirteen Peer Revision

  2. Lesson Objectives Discuss group work from teacher and student perspectives Sample Questions for Peer Reviews Create a Peer Revision Plan

  3. Group Work Students teachers • What constitutes effective group learning? • What problems arise with group work? • If you have the choice, would you choose group work? Why? • What are the expected outcomes for group work? • How does group work form part of a writing course? • How should you assess (i.e., grade) group work? As a team, or for individual effort within the group?

  4. Peer Review: Sample Questions Most of these examples come from the St. Martin’s handbook 4b, “Reviewing peer writers:” Overall Thoughts: What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the draft? What is (or is not) working? Assignment: Does the draft fulfill the assignment’s requirements?

  5. Sample Questions Introduction: Does the introduction catch your interest? Does it provide context for the draft’s problem and claim? How else might the draft begin? Thesis: Is the thesis clear? Does it provide reasons for the paper’s main claim? Purpose: What is the author’s purpose in writing this draft? Look at table 2.1 in the First-Year textbook for an author’s purposes.

  6. Sample Questions Audience: How does the draft interest and appeal to its intended audience? Major points: List the main points, and review them one by one. Do any points need to be explained more or less fully? How well is each major point supported? Organization and flow: Is the writing easy to follow? Are the ideas presented in an order that will make sense to readers?

  7. Sample Questions Paragraphs: Which paragraphs are clearest and most interesting? Which paragraphs need further development? Sentences: Is there variety in sentence length? Are the sentence openings varied? Tone: What dominant impression does the draft create—serious, humorous, persuasive, etc.? Is the tone appropriate to the topic and audience? Conclusion: Does the draft end memorably?

  8. Peer Revision Plan As a class, create a revision plan that will guide next week’s peer workshop.

  9. Homework Monday, April 21 • Submit Peer Critiques 2.1a and 2.1b Wednesday, April 23 • Bring a copy of current draft 2.1 • Peer Workshop