how cisco reduced cut over time for oracle 11i upgrade n.
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How Cisco Reduced Cut-over Time for Oracle 11i upgrade

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How Cisco Reduced Cut-over Time for Oracle 11i upgrade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Cisco Reduced Cut-over Time for Oracle 11i upgrade. Uma Desiraju, IT Project Manager, Cisco Systems David Joffe, Cisco 11i Upgrade Architect, Abacus Business Solutions January 24, 2006. Agenda. Oracle Applications at Cisco Key Drivers for Cut-over Reduction

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Presentation Transcript
how cisco reduced cut over time for oracle 11i upgrade

How Cisco Reduced Cut-over Time for Oracle 11i upgrade

Uma Desiraju, IT Project Manager, Cisco Systems

David Joffe, Cisco 11i Upgrade Architect, Abacus Business Solutions

January 24, 2006

  • Oracle Applications at Cisco
  • Key Drivers for Cut-over Reduction
  • Transition Organization and Overview
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Closing
  • Q & A
oracle applications at cisco
Oracle Applications at Cisco

* Current state -Cisco has 9 production Oracle eBusiness Suite instances that are all on some version of 11i

New instances were gradually introduced to support different geographies and modules




First Oracle implementation, 10.4

10.7 instances upgraded to 11i

key drivers for cut over reduction
Key Drivers for Cut-over Reduction
  • Minimal disruption to business
    • Backlog Conversion
    • Duration for normalization
  • Executive Reporting
    • Bookings
    • Revenue
  • Data availability to boundary systems

“Transition" is the process of moving and normalizing a business/IT organizations’ group of interacting, interrelated, interdependent processes/technology from their current state to their desired state, aligned with the long term business objectives

Transition Team

Business Readiness

Systems Readiness



Software Config

Mgmt (SCM)





Planning &



Planning &







  • Build & support of environments
  • Server Architecture
  • Upgrade
  • RAC Install
  • Code Deployment
  • Third-party application compliance and readiness
  • Command Center Logistics and communication
  • Transition Walk-throughs
  • Post Mortem Issue Resolution
  • Access Management
  • Custom Code and Data Migration
  • Boundary application management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Data Audits
  • Smoke Test
  • Business Normalization
  • Business Frontline Support
  • End-Of-Life
  • Backlog Processing
  • Customer Pre-planning
  • Executive Reporting

Communication, Status Reporting, Issue & Escalation Management

X-Flow Co-ordination


Transition: Execution and Success Criteria

Transition Test ( TT )

Transition Planning & Operations













Go Live

Post Mortem Review

Post Mortem Review

Post Mortem Review

Post Mortem Review

Test Cycle (TC)




Transition Test C & Final Practice Run

Transition Test A

Transition Test B


transition phase overview


Transition: Phase Overview

Advance & Ramp Down


Ramp Up



Metered businessramp up

Business process activity level


Custom Code Install / IT Verification

Pre-Data Audit

Upgrade and Custom Data Migration

Post Data Audit / Smoke Test


tips advance phases
Tips: Advance Phases
  • Purge / Archive Data
  • Rebuild Tables
  • Gather Statistics beforehand
tips pre upgrade phases
Tips: Pre-Upgrade Phases
  • Determine relevant Pre and Post Upgrade Steps
  • Automate and parallelize Pre and Post Upgrade Steps
  • Clear interface tables as early as possible
tips autoupgrade maintenance pack patches
Tips: AutoUpgrade, Maintenance Pack, & Patches
  • Play with # of workers for upgrade and patch
  • Use Staged APPL_TOP

(metalink notes 217370.1 and 242480.1 )

  • Use Distributed AD

(metalink note 236469.1 )

  • Use OM Bifurcation

(metalink Note 121200.1)

tips autoupgrade maintenance pack and patches continued
Tips: AutoUpgrade, Maintenance Pack, and Patches (continued)
  • Find long-running and bottleneck jobs
  • Use optimal adpatch options
    • (phtofile, nocompiledb, nocopyportion, nogenerateportion)
  • Monitor Job Timings
  • Maintain error history / Anticipate Errors
  • Merge Patches
tips custom code install phase
Tips: Custom Code Install Phase
  • Use FNDLOAD, WFLOAD, and other Oracle APIs for deploying Custom Setups
  • Deploy custom objects efficiently / in parallel
  • Build custom code tree out of the critical path
  • Consider impacts to external / boundary systems
tips environments infrastructure
Tips: Environments / Infrastructure
  • Use production-like hardware
  • Use recent copies of production databases
  • Analyze space requirements
  • Take backups during the cutover process
  • Create temporary environments for use during upgrade
advanced techniques
Advanced Techniques

Cisco extensively CUSTOMIZED Oracle’s upgrade and patch scripts themselves to reduce cutover time further

Only recommended if:

  • You have experienced personnel who understand how to read patches and upgrade scripts
  • Other techniques do not satisfy go live targets
  • You have enough bandwidth to do many practice runs
  • You cannot get Oracle to fix long-running upgrade scripts by logging bugs
advanced techniques continued
Advanced Techniques (continued)
  • Pre-create indexes using parallelization
  • Avoid index re-creation
  • Drop indexes during mass DML
  • Adjust FREELISTS parameters
  • Utilize AD_PARALLEL package
  • Combine similar scripts
  • Embed custom data migration scripts
  • Comment out unnecessary scripts
tips environment certification
Tips: Environment Certification
  • Establish Clear “Go” Criteria
  • Affirm business stakeholder acceptance of audit and test strategy and results
  • Document and archive certification procedures and results
recap of top lessons
Recap of Top Lessons
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Precision Planning!
  • Promote excellence through post mortem reviews!
  • Teamwork !!!
for more information
For More Information

Read our Whitepaper Posted at

  • Oracle Applications Manuals

(available at:

    • Upgrading Oracle Applications Release 11i (11.5.10)
    • Oracle Applications Maintenance Procedures
    • Oracle Applications Maintenance Utilities
  • Oracle Metalink notes

(available at

    • 121200.1 “Order Management Release 11i Upgrade Instructions”
    • 217370.1 “Reduce Downtime by Using a Test APPL_TOP for a Production Upgrade”
    • 225165.1 “Patching Best Practices and Reducing Downtime”
    • 230538.1 “TUMS (The Upgrade Migration Script)”
    • 233428.1 “Sharing the Application Tier File System in Oracle Applications 11i”
    • 236469.1. “Using Distributed AD in Applications Release 11.5”
    • 242480.1. “Using a Staged Applications 11i System to Reduce Patching Downtime”