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My Fami ly

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My Fami ly. The content. Rebekka $ultana.

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My Fami ly

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This is my sister, the oldest. She works in a place in Sheffield (I don`t know how to spell it.) She is kind to everyone, but goes too much into the spotlight as you can see in this photo. When she comes back from home she doesn`t be lazy like the some other sisters around the world she helps, she cleans but most of all she spends quality time with her family.




My oldest brother, 21 years old, he is the best person ever because he cares for his sisters he looks out for his sisters and he loves his sisters. He is a person that is very good with games and is very competitive in wining and is determined with everything. He is not with my family most of the time but my little brother wants him to quit his job and stay home with us all.



AminulHassan Tyson

My 2nd brother, 19 years old. He is a very funny person, he left for Edge Hill University on 22nd September 2013. He stays home with us all the time says funny jokes and comments about people. He has a big smiley face with bright, bright white teeth. He makes us all laugh and when he left we all cried because he was really special to my parents & family. But he was in our hearts and always will be.



Rahela $ultana


My 2nd oldest sister, 14 years old.

She has a serious problem, she has ... GCSE`s the most hardest thing in her life. Even though Rahela & I have fights we still love each other & care for each other & sometimes

I get angry of her because she doesn`t listen to me because she is

Always on her tab. But she still spends quality time with her family.



Me! 3rd oldest sister, 11 years old. I have the life of a child because at my house I don`t know why but I am dumb. But still I make my mum laugh and some people in my family find me funny. I play with my little brother & sister also I go on the computer play games most of all ... I prank everyone to their death. No not really I spend time with everyone.



Rahima Sultana


My little sister, 7 years old. She is exactly like Rahela except for the tab but her twin. She is the most CUTEST girl I have ever seen. She plays with me and has lots of fun with. If she wasn`t in the world I wouldn`t know what to do without her.



My little brother, 6 years old. When my big brother is in the house he`s very good but when he is gone HE IS THE DEVIL`S CHILD! He likes to play with Renuka & Rahima because there is no boys in the house also he like to fight and be Ben 10.



Hope you liked it.

Thank you for watching my presentation.