empire human rights exclusion n.
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Empire Human rights exclusion

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Empire Human rights exclusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empire Human rights exclusion. Dr Maurice Mullard Lecture 3. Landing of Columbus painted 1844. What does this painting say about America? Discourse of colonialism Mind management complements military political and economic power

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empire human rights exclusion

Empire Human rights exclusion

Dr Maurice Mullard

Lecture 3

landing of columbus painted 1844
Landing of Columbus painted 1844
  • What does this painting say about America?
  • Discourse of colonialism
  • Mind management complements military political and economic power
  • What are the implications when we say Columbus discovered America
  • That this was Day One
  • Other endogenous groups did not exist
  • Land as terra nullis
the greeks
The Greeks
  • History of the Trojan War – destruction of Troy
  • Alexander the Great the most extensive Empire
  • The Greek knowledge, travel and possession
  • Bronze Age steel weapons against wood
the romans
The Romans
  • Bringing people into the light
  • The other the barbarians
  • Citizenship of Rome
the catholic church and empires
The Catholic Church and Empires
  • 1493 Bulls of Dominion granted to the King and Queen of Spain to go and discover the other side of the Atlantic
  • assumption on universal Christianity
  • Spain beginning of the end in 1598 loss of the Netherlands Holland Protestant and a Republic loss of the Armada in 1588
the british
  • Elizabeth Drake and Raleigh first colonies in Virginia
  • Feeling of superiority
  • Help the Indians against Spain protestants against the Pope
  • Engraving J Stradanus what does it say
  • Male Gaze – Europe Gaze
  • Americus Vesspucci America the woman naked
  • The Body occupation
  • 18th Century Racism
  • People in the background cannibals
Primitive Savage – terra nullis
  • Barbarian natural rights and occupation
  • Native Americans British colony in Virginia 1602 Drake Raleigh
  • British and Spanish rivalries
history as complex stories
History as complex stories
  • Role of the narrative creating a paradigm
  • Challenge to the paradigm
  • Revisions of history
  • People emering from empires created own histories
  • Need for identity
  • Possible for dual citizenship
  • Why belong to one geographic space