module 6 animal in danger
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Module 6 Animal in Danger

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Module 6 Animal in Danger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 6 Animal in Danger. Leading-in. Learning Goals. Master the important words and phrases

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learning goals
Learning Goals
  • Master the important words and phrases

(antelope bone branch butterfly eagle endangered extinct habitat illegal profit skin species struggle survival struggle against/with/for sth come into fashion get tough with sb be concerned about/for sth )

  • The skills to grasp the main idea and settle problems.
  • Enable the students to learn using the topic sentences about the passage

Read the text as quickly as possible to find the main summarize of the passage.

1.How do the poachers kill the antelopes ?

2.The facts of the antelopes and how to protect them.

3.How did Jiesang die?



Organize the structure of the whole passage.Match the general idea with each paragraph

Para.1 A The reason for the trade

Para.2 B The result of the battle

Para.3 C Jiesang died when protecting antelopes

Para.4 D The present situation and the future of

the battle

Para.5 E The process of the trade

Say what the numbers and dates refer to

In 1994 Jiesang Suonandajie was killed

by the cruel poachers.

By the 1990s the number of antelope

has fallen to about 50,000.

A shawl from the wool can sell for


The business is completely illegal—there

has been a ban on the trade since 1975.

A police raid on a shop in London found 138 shawls

About 1000 antelopes—or2% percent

of the world population—had been

killed to make them.

Over the next ten years about 3,000 poachers were caught and 300 vehicles confiscated.

The volunteers are ready for the difficult conditions of life at 5,000 meters.

Since 1997 the antelope population has slowly began to grow again.

intensive reading

Read the passage carefully and choose the best answers

1.What can we infer from the first paragraph?
  • A.Jiesang Suonandajie was experienced at dealing with
  • the poachers
  • B.Jiesang was shot and killed.
  • C. He died with nothing on his body.
  • D. He devoted his life to saving the endangered Tibetan
  • antelope
  • 2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
  • A.At the beginning of the twentieth century ,there were few
  • antelopes on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.
  • B.The coat made from the wool of the Tibetan antelope is ideal for
  • human beings.
  • C.The profits can be huge for poachers because the wool can be sold
  • for $5,000 per kilo.
  • D.The wool of the Tibetan antelope is very expensive in the world.




3.Arrange the following statements according to time.

a.The antelope population slightly began to grow.

b.The trade of the wool of the antelope was banned.

c.The shawls came into fashion among rich people.

d.The antelope on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau existed in large


A.d-b-a-c B.d-a-b-c C.d-c-b-a D.d-b-c-a

4.How is the wool of the antelope sold?

A.The antelopes are skinned in India, where the wool is made into


B.The antelopes are skinned on the spot and the wool is made into

shawls in India,where they are exported legally to poor countries.

C.The wool of the antelopes is made into shawls in India and

exported illegally to North America and Europe.

D.The antelopes are skinned on the spot and exported illegally to

America and Europe.


post reading

According to the passage fill the proper words or phrases in the blanks

Once there were millions of ________ on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.The number ________

about 50,000 by the 1990s. Research indicates the wool of the Tibetan antelope can be made into shawls, which are _________ rich people in European countries. Poachers make huge _______ on the deal.


had fallen

popular with


The poachers often shoot whole herds of antelope _______, _______ only the babies. The animals are skinned _________

and the wool _____ to India, _____ it is made into the shawls.

at a time


on the spot



In the 1990s the Chinese government began to take measures to ______ the antelopes. Sometimes there were gunfights. Suonandajie ______________

to save the Tibetan antelopes. But nowadays, with the help of _________, the government often wins the battle.


had given his life


__________, in those countries where the shawls are sold, police _________________ the dealers. International co-operation also gives a band. Now, the number of poachers________ and the

antelope population slowly begun to______ again. We hope the Tibetan antelope ___________.


are getting tough with

has fallen


will survive


1Write a similar description about how to protect endanger animals.

2.Consolidate the important vocabulary& sentences of the module.

  • 1.Write a similar description of another animal in the table on page58.
  • 2.Consolidate the vocabulary in the module.
Protect All the Animals
  • Loving the Nature Equals Loving Our Planet

Good Bye!