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University Of Palestine

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University Of Palestine. College of Applied Engineering & Urban Planning Software Engineering Department. Computer Architecture. Computer Architecture. Presents. Multithreading. Multithreading. 2 st Term2009/2010. Multithreading.

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university of palestine
University Of Palestine

College of Applied Engineering & Urban PlanningSoftware Engineering Department


Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture

  • Multithreading refers to the ability of an OS to support multiple, concurrent paths of execution within a single process.
  • The traditional approach of a single thread of execution per process, in which the concept of a thread is not recognized, is referred to as a single-threaded approach.
  • MS-DOS supports a single thread
  • UNIX supports multiple user processes but only supports one thread per process
  • Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mach, and OS/2 support multiple threads
  • In a multithreaded environment, a process is defined as the unit of resource allocation and a unit of protection.The following are associated with processes:
    • A virtual address space that holds the process image
    • Protected access to processors, other processes (for interprocess communication),files, and I/O resources (devices and channels)
    • Within a process, there may be one or more threads, each with the following:
    • A thread execution state (Running, Ready, etc.).
  • The following are associated with processes:
    • A saved thread context when not running; one way to view a thread is as an independent program counter operating within a process.
    • An execution stack.
    • Some per-thread static storage for local variables.
    • Access to the memory and resources of its process, shared with all other threads in that process.


  • The key benefits of threads derive from the performance implications:
    • Takes less time to create a new thread than a process
    • Less time to terminate a thread than a process
    • Less time to switch between two threads within the same process
    • Since threads within the same process share memory and files, they can communicate with each other without invoking the kernel


threads and processes
Threads and Processes

One process

One thread

One process

Multiple threads

Multiple processes

One thread per process

Multiple processes

Multiple threads per process

4 references
4. References

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Eng : Mohammed Temraz.