visual c 2008 overview new features n.
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Visual C++ 2008 Overview & New Features

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Visual C++ 2008 Overview & New Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visual C++ 2008 Overview & New Features. Boris Jabes Program Manager Visual C++ Microsoft Corporation. The themes of Visual C++ 2008. Vista Development Productivity Interoperability. Vista Development. So, what's new (for you) in Vista?. Aero Aesthetics Common Controls Task Dialogs

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Presentation Transcript
visual c 2008 overview new features

Visual C++ 2008Overview & New Features

Boris Jabes

Program Manager

Visual C++

Microsoft Corporation

the themes of visual c 2008
The themes of Visual C++ 2008
  • Vista Development
  • Productivity
  • Interoperability
so what s new for you in vista
So, what's new (for you) in Vista?
  • Aero Aesthetics
  • Common Controls
  • Task Dialogs
  • Search
  • Wizards
  • Common Dialogs
  • Control Panels
  • Icons
  • System Font (Segoe UI)
  • User Account Control
  • Notifications
  • Text and Tone
  • Restart Manager
  • Function Discovery
  • Cancellable I/O
  • Error Reporting API
  • RSS Feeds
  • Network Awareness
  • Low-Rights IE
  • ASLR
updates to mfc
Updates to MFC
  • Hide/Unhide the Menu Bar
  • New File Dialogs
  • Support for the new Common Controls
toggling the menu bar
Toggling the Menu Bar
  • New methods in CFrameWnd class to hide or show menu in an MFC Application
  • Methods to dynamically toggle menu to become hidden or visible
  • Event handlers for custom actions when menu is about to be hidden or visible.
  • No support to toggle the menu bar in MDI and dialog-based applications

virtual void CFrameWnd::SetMenuBarVisibility(DWORD nStyle);

virtual DWORD CFrameWnd::GetMenuBarVisibility();

mfc common file dialogs
MFC Common File Dialogs
  • By default, MFC applications compiled under VC2008 will utilize Vista-style dialogs on Vista
  • New Methods Called
  • The new MFC Common File Dialog uses IFileDialogEvents instead of OnNotify
  • If the user runs the program in a pre-Vista OS, then the dialogs default to the old-style dialogs
mfc controls
MFC Controls
  • Fell behind since Win9x. Now up-to-date
    • New Control Messages
    • New WM Messages
    • New Controls like Pager Control
  • Includes new Vista controls
user account control
User Account Control
  • Available out of the box
  • Linker Switch
    • Project Setting > Linker > Manifest File
  • Project Upgrade
    • UAC is turned on, level is set to “asInvoker”
developer admin
Developer != Admin
  • Register COM components as normal user
    • Put them into HKCU when developing
    • Maintain existing deployment
  • Support for debugging IE7 Protected Mode
    • Debugger to Launch > Web Browser Debugger
security bulletin
Security Bulletin
  • Let’s review
    • /GS
    • /SafeSEH
    • DEP
  • New in Vista: ASLR
    • Linker switch (/DYNAMICBASE) to opt in to support ASLR
ide support for icons
IDE Support for Icons
  • Support for viewing PNG and Vista compressed icons
  • Icon Editor Preview Area

256 px

build in parallel
Build in Parallel
  • In 2005
    • Build Multiple Project in Parallel
    • Tools > Options > Project and Solutions > Build and Run > Parallel Project Builds
  • In 2008
    • Build Multiple Translation Units in Parallel
    • /MP or /MPn (where n is no. of CPUs)
    • Project Properties > C/C++ > Command Line > Additional Options
managed incremental build
Managed Incremental Build



ClassB b;






public ref class ClassB {

public String f() {

//important string here

return “Important String”;



Skip projects with no “significant” changes since last build

  • New library to simplify passing data between native and managed code
  • Template-based pattern that applies to any kind of data
  • Support lots of types out-of-the-box
stateless transition
Stateless Transition
  • I want to marshal between managed and native data types for conversions that do not require any lifetime management or complex resource allocation

#include <msclr/marshal.h>

using namespace msclr::interop;


const char* sourcestring1 = “teststring”

System::String^ deststring1;

// Convert const char* to System::String^ using

// TO to = marshal_as <TO> (from)

deststring1 = marshal_as<System::String^>(sourcestring1);


stateful transition
Stateful Transition
  • I want to marshal between managed and native data types for conversions that require some kind of lifetime (memory, resource, etc…)

#include <msclr/marshal.h>

using namespace msclr::interop;


System::String^ sourcestring1 = “teststring”

const char* deststring1;

//Convert System::String^ to const char* using

//TO to = context.marshal_as<TO>(from)


deststring1 = ctx.marshal_as<const char*>(sourcestring1);


stl clr
  • Leverage STL skills in applications that use .NET Framework
  • Ease data exchange between STL and .NET Collections
  • The power of templates and generics together
    • Designed to achieve optimal performance and cross-language compatibility
    • STL in any part of managed code (but only C++)
class designer
Class Designer
  • Only does visualization of code
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