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Big Data in the Workplace

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Big Data in the Workplace - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Data in the Workplace. Source: Business Insider Lev Parker. Human Resources Analytics. HR has learned new indicators of productivity which seem contrary to typical assumptions

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big data in the workplace

Big Data in the Workplace

Source: Business Insider

Lev Parker

human resources analytics
Human Resources Analytics
  • HR has learned new indicators of productivity which seem contrary to typical assumptions
  • See value in attributes like adaptability, social and emotional intelligence, resilience, and friendliness.
    • Learned before hiring from new sources
      • Online social indicators, games, logarithms
  • Google has an entire department devoted to ‘people analytics’
  • ‘the reality of what somebody is and what they do… is already resident on their hard drive or dropbox could’
social data
Social Data
  • Linkedin sells data to recruiters
    • 57% of revenue and growing 80% year-over-year.
    • Utilize 3rd party connections
  • Social hubs
    • Human’s engage in professional activity all across the web
    • Techy is active on many tech-based sites which leave signature
  • 15 minutes of a game creates megabytes of data
  • Knack uses games to measure traits which are correlated to productivity
    • Creative abilities, emotion/social intelligence, decision making, thinking patterns, learn new information…
  • Behavioral big data
    • Companies utilize to understand their own employees and company culture
    • Kenexa bought by IBM for $1 billion
college does not imply causation to productivity
College does not imply causation to productivity
  • College success does not necessarily equate to a great employee
    • Google says ‘SAT scores and college grades do not equate to success at the company’
    • Deloitte, a data-centric HR consultancy firm, says ‘companies want someone who thrives on challenges and willing to adapt. If you’re the type of person that wants to be told what to do, you might be a straight A student but not the best employee.’
  • Insurance company with prestigious MBA’s didn’t perform accordingly
what employers look for today
What Employers Look for Today!
  • Adaptability
    • Passion and drive overcomes educational background – learning ability
    • Follow directions = substitutable
  • Resilience
    • Good sales people hear NO and are not phased
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
    • You are not alone in this world and will most likely be working with people…
    • Understand social landscape, social saviness, intelligently respond
what employers look for today1
What Employers Look for Today
  • Diverse Background
    • Diversity can enable us to handle more complex scenarios and people which can enhance resilience and social and emotional intelligence
  • Friendliness
    • If you like it, so will they
  • Raw Processing Power
    • Still matters!
    • Do the right thing, plan ahead, and are engaged.
  • Professional Presence
    • ‘showcase your professional brand’