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Welcome, Confirmation Class of 2011 & Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, Confirmation Class of 2011 & Parents

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Welcome, Confirmation Class of 2011 & Parents

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Welcome, Confirmation Class of 2011 & Parents

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  1. Welcome, Confirmation Class of 2011 & Parents

  2. Opening Prayer &Address to Parents and Confirmation Candidates by Monsignor Tracy

  3. What’s Happening in the Classrooms? Confirmation Sponsor Selection Saint Project Service Discussion Expectations Q & A

  4. St. Stanislaus Religious Education and Faith Formation Journeys for the Youth of our Parish Parish Religious Education Program Sunday School for Little People PREP 1 ~ 6 PREP PLUS 7 & 8 The Edge 9 ~ 12 Catholic Education PreSchool Grade School K ~ 8 High School 9 ~ 12

  5. TIMELINE June 2010 ~ Service Hours Mailing September 2010 ~ Faith Formation Meeting for All Sacrament Parents November 2010 ~ Completion of Selection of Sponsor, as well as Certificate of Eligibility, and the Blessing of the Confirmation Candidates

  6. February 2011 ~Retreat For Confirmation Candidates As well as Completion of Letter to Bishop and Service Hours March/April 2011 ~ Two afternoon rehearsals for all candidates, as well as an additional evening one for candidates and sponsors Saturday, April 9, 2011 ~ The Sacrament of Confirmation

  7. SPONSOR SELECTION The Confirmation Candidate must choose a sponsor. Church law states that the sponsor must be at least 16 years of age. He or she must be a confirmed Catholic who has received the Holy Eucharist and is living accordingly to the faith. (may not be the parent)

  8. The Sponsor must go to their parish and request a Certificate of Eligibility, which must be submitted before November 2010. It is a letter or form from the pastor or priest stating that the chosen person meets the requirements for being a sponsor to your child. Even if the sponsor is a member of Saint Stanislaus Parish, a certificate of eligibility is required.

  9. Service Hours All Confirmation Candidates are to complete at least 15 Hours of Service. He or she will receive the form by the end of the school year to keep track of the specific service projects. If there are any questions as to what qualifies, call the Religious Education Office.

  10. Examples of Service Hours Visit the elderly Read to the blind Assist elderly in chores Volunteer at local library Volunteer time in PREP Office Become a teacher’s aide Become a SSLP aide Write letters to or spend time with sick neighbors Babysit free of charge Help at Summer Festival.

  11. Saint Project and Saint Name Every Confirmation Candidate selects a name of a saint whose life models the Christian faith, or a virtue that is has been embodied by Christ, as opposed to a generic, non-Christian name. A thorough saint research project, done according to the teachers’ instructions, is completed by the student as he or she prepares for The Sacrament of Confirmation.

  12. Presentation of Gifts All Confirmation Candidates are asked to participate in the offertory with their family at one of the Saturday or Sunday Masses. The Catholic Visioning Committee will create a schedule and would like your input as to which Mass you and your family are likely to attend. (at end of meeting)

  13. What Can Parents Do for the Child Preparing for Confirmation? Discuss issues, such as choices,decisions, and pressures young adults face today Talk about qualities that they admire and their concept of “hero” Accompany your child to Mass. Talk about their Confirmation experiences, such as the Retreat Day or their study guide. Discuss choice of a sponsor. Help them choose a name and be involved in their research of that saint. Talk about your own Confirmation & faith.

  14. Q & A

  15. A Few More Items… Please fill out the slip to indicate your preferred Mass times for the family Gift Presentation next year and leave in the basket. Obtain a copy of a summary of tonight’s meeting ~ keep in prominent place. 3) Return to places for closing prayer.

  16. CLOSING PRAYER Thank you for coming this evening and Best of luck in your preparation