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The Future of Advertising

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The Future of Advertising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Future of Advertising. By: Adrian Esquilin Principles of Advertising Spring 2014. Advertisements Will be Everywhere…. Imagine the “Iron Man” Effect.

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the future of advertising

The Future of Advertising

By: Adrian Esquilin

Principles of Advertising

Spring 2014

advertisements will be everywhere
Advertisements Will be Everywhere…

Imagine the “Iron Man” Effect

In the movie Iron Man, Tony Stark has everything he needs right in front of his eyes and ready at his disposal. I imagine advertisements to be the same way in the future. Almost as if there was a constant heads up display for everyone, right in front of their eyes, 24/7. Here are some examples of current technology that I think will evolve into this futuristic way to consume media.

google glass
Google Glass

Launched last year, users have a heads up display right above their right eye.

I think there will be a device such as this that will connect to EVERYTHING we do, enhancing our media intake.

in car heads up display
In Car Heads Up Display

Driving should be a distraction free environment. However, what if this simple concept of a heads up display on a drivers wind shield (bottom) turns into a media rich environment (right) over run by the businesses you drive by everyday!! SCARY!!!!

corning s a day of glass
Corning’s “A Day of Glass”

Two years ago Corning, an innovator in the glass industry put together a video which showcased how they see glass in the next 20 years.

-Media displayed on your counter

These are some screen shots of how their vision of glass connects with my vision of the ‘Iron Man’ effect.

-Media displayed on your mirror


The ‘Iron Man’ effect will change the way in which we define advertising. Ads we be delivered to an individual on a personal level. We are moving into a future focused on information technology, where companies will have access to enough information to determine the who, what, where, when and why of their consumers. Using this, they will be able to deliver ads more accurately and to the right individuals, at the right time. I see a future where I am given an ad just for passing a shop, or for talking about a product. A future where media will be a vital part of our everyday lives.

The “Iron Man” Effect