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Murder Mystery 3

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Murder Mystery 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Murder Mystery 3. Jewels or Jail?. The thief looked down at the large box of glistening jewels sitting on the table and felt the smooth hard surfaces of the gems. . It was a mere two weeks since they had been removed from the safe of Sparkly Gems the Jeweller. .

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murder mystery 3

Murder Mystery 3

Jewels or Jail?

The thief looked down at the large box of glistening jewels sitting on the table and felt the smooth hard surfaces of the gems.
Sparkly Gems had just received a valuable delivery of diamonds, rubies and sapphires from Holland.

It was obvious to the police and the owner that this was an inside job and they had narrowed it down to 32 employees who knew which safe the diamonds were in.


The investigation was led by Inspector Pymworthy who as yet had no leads to follow. Forensic tests had not produced any fingerprints or DNA and the gun was nowhere to be found. The trail was going cold.


The thief stared at the airline ticket – a single flight to Cambodia leaving in two days – the start of a new life.


Inspector Pymworthy (or should it be Dimworthy?) had no chance. He wouldn’t recognise a thief with a bag of swag on his back.


Being supremely confident and a touch arrogant, the thief decided to send the Inspector some clues.

  • The next day the Inspector received 5 emails from someone at Sparkly Gems claiming they had clues about the theft.

The emails did not appear to make sense and the Inspector was mystified. He didn’t realise that he had only two days before the thief and the booty would fly away to start a new life overseas.


Can you help the Inspector to nail the thief in time?

  • Will the thief get away?
  • Or will justice be done?
  • For clues 2, 3 & 5: 1 = a, b = 2 etc