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Get Valid CompTIA 220-902 Exam Question From RealExamDumps - CompTIA 220-902 Dumps PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Valid CompTIA 220-902 Exam Question From RealExamDumps - CompTIA 220-902 Dumps

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Get Valid CompTIA 220-902 Exam Question From RealExamDumps - CompTIA 220-902 Dumps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get Valid CompTIA 220-902 Exam Question From RealExamDumps - CompTIA 220-902 Dumps

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  1. 220-902 Exam CompTIA A+ Certification Exam https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  2. CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Required exam CompTIA A+ 220-902 Number of questions Maximum of 90 Types of questions Multiple choice and performance-based Length of test 90 minutes Recommended experience Six to 12 months hands-on experience in the lab or field Passing score CompTIA A+ 220-902: 700 (on a scale of 900) https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  3. About the Exam Candidates are encouraged to use this document to help prepare for CompTIA A+ 220-902. In order to receive the CompTIA A+ certification, you must pass two exams: 220-901 and 220-902. CompTIA A+ 220-902 measures the necessary skills for an entry-level IT professional. Successful candidates will have the knowledge required to: • Assemble components based on customer requirements • Install, configure and maintain devices, PCs and software for end users • Understand the basics of networking and security/forensics • Properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues • Apply troubleshooting skills • Provide appropriate customer support • Understand the basics of virtualization, desktop imaging and deployment These content examples are meant to clarify the test objectives and should not be construed as a comprehensive listing of all the content of this examination. https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  4. Question No 1 Sample Questions An engineer working with large detailed CAD files notices over time that the workstation is taking significantly longer to open files that used to launch quickly. Other applications work fine, and the engineer confirms all of the data has been backed up the night before. A technician determines that the workstation is about two years old. Which of the following would be the technician’s FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem? Options A. Run defrag on the hard drive B. Restore the CAD files from backup C. Replace the hard drive D. Remove and reinstall the CAD software Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  5. Question No 2 Ann, an end user, receives a call from someone claiming to be from the help desk and asking for her username and password to prevent her email box from being deleted immediately. Which of the following BEST describes this type of attack? Options A. Shoulder surfing B. Man-in-the-middle C. Social engineering D. Ransomware Answer: C https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  6. Question No 3 A home user has forgotten their password and cannot log into their Windows XP Home PC. They do not want to lose any information. Which of the following should be used FIRST, assuming that the user had set up the PC? Options A. Restart in safe mode and log in as administrator B. Use third party software to change password C. Re-install the OS from the resource CD D. Log in as administrator from start up screen Answer: A https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  7. Question No 4 An audio visual company has decided that they want to migrate from Windows XP Professional SP2. The company has a domain network. A technician is tasked with selecting an operating system. Which of the following should the technician select? Options A. Windows 7 Home Premium B. Windows Vista Home Premium C. Windows 7 Professional D. Windows XP Media Center Answer: C https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  8. Question No 5 On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network traffic for filtering or monitoring? Options A. Content Advisor B. Proxy Settings C. Network Drive Mapping D. Local Security Policy Answer: B https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  9. Features to use Realexamdumps.us Thousands of satisfied customers. Up to date exam data. Realexamdumps data is 100% trustworthy. Passing ratio more than 99% 100% verified by Experts panel. Good grades are 100% guaranteed. 100% money back guarantee. Complete PDF Download From Realexamdumps.us https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html

  10. 220-902 Exam CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Complete PDF Download From Realexamdumps.us https://www.realexamdumps.us/comptia/220-902-braindumps.html