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Personal Protective Equipment suppliers | Johnson Trading PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Protective Equipment suppliers | Johnson Trading

Personal Protective Equipment suppliers | Johnson Trading

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Personal Protective Equipment suppliers | Johnson Trading

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  2. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to take care of the health of your employees when they are at your workplace. You should have appropriate knowledge about the risk connected with the work you do. And you should have a solution as well.

  3. INFORMATION ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) The equipment that guarantees your safety comes under thePPE which is known as “Personal Protective Equipment“. Check the necessity and if you found the work risky, always use PPE. You should check the instruction for using PPE, maintain them properly and also check the protection level regularly.

  4. LET’S SEE WHEN YOU WILL REQUIRE WHAT TYPE OF PROTECTION: • THE HEAD SAFETY The helmet can protect your head from serious injuries. It provides complete protection at the workplace. Choose the appropriate helmet that can protect your head in extreme conditions. Nowadays you can get multiple options in helmets such as an adjustable interior harness and comfortable sweatbands.

  5. 2) EYE PROTECTION On an average, more than 600 people in the world get an eye injury at the workplace because of less protection. Thanks to the safety glasses, with this small glasses, you can prevent your eyes completely from the injuries. If you are working at the place where you have to face bright light or infrared radiation, then you must require the welding goggles or a shield. It provides the required protection.

  6. 3) EAR PROTECTION Are you working at the place where the high sound is used? If yes, then you must require the ear protection. You can make use of earplugs. But, in the workplace, earmuffs are the best. You can easily wear them as well as take them off quickly.

  7. 4) HAND PROTECTION Gloves, that can protect your hands in various conditions. You can find different types of gloves for different types of requirement.

  8. Here is the information about various situation as well as know how gloves play a crucial role by saving your hand from various conditions. Complete protection against vibrations Appropriate protection against cuts by sharp materials The best protection against cold or heat Superior level of protection against bacteriological risks Great protection against splashes from diluted chemicals

  9. Johnson Trading, Sharjah, UAE is a leading manufacturer, importer, largest stockist and distributor of various industrial PPE and Safety Equipment in Sharjah. These products are marketed mainly under our registered brands: JSAFE & MAXAFEE.

  10. Visit: Call: 97165399229 Email: