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Yahoo is globally known for its Web portal,search engine Yahoo Search,and other related services includes Yahoo Mail,Yahoo Directory,Yahoo News,Yahoo Groups,\nOnline mapping,Video sharing,Yahoo Answers,Advertising and other its social media website.Roughly 750 million people uses Yahoo websites every month.\n

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Do you have something to share
Do You Have Something to Share?

  • Picture, spread sheet or PDF, you can attach any file to an email message, and you can attach any file to an email message you write in your Yahoo! Mail account.

  • For big documents—those exceeding some 20 MB in size—, Yahoo! Mail even offers an easy way to include a Dropbox link.

Add a file in yahoo mail
Add A File In Yahoo! Mail

To attach files to a message you are composing in Yahoo! Mail.

  • To add one or more files from your computer:

    Click the Attach File paperclip icon (📎) in the message's toolbar.

    Find and highlight all files you want to attach in your browser's file selector dialog.

    You can either highlight multiple files in one dialog or use the Attach File icon repeatedly to attach more than one document.

  • Click Choose

Add a file in yahoo mail1
Add A File In Yahoo! Mail

  • To add files from Dropbox:

    • Click the downward-pointed arrow head (⌄) next to the Attach File icon (📎) in the message's toolbar.

    • Choose Select from Dropbox from the menu.

    • ​​If you are not logged into Dropbox:

    • ​​Click Sign in.

    • Sign in using the Dropbox sign-on page.

Add a file in yahoo mail2
Add A File In Yahoo! Mail

  • Locate and highlight all files you want to send.

  • Click Choose.

  • Documents from Dropbox will not be attached directly; instead, the recipient receives a link that lets them download from Dropbox. Make sure the files remain available for the recipient to do that.

  • Note that Yahoo! Mail imposes a limit on the total message size.

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