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David Silipigno Challenged The City???s Evaluation Of His Resi PowerPoint Presentation
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David Silipigno Challenged The City???s Evaluation Of His Resi

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David Silipigno Challenged The City???s Evaluation Of His Resi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Silipigno, the founder of David B. Silipigno Foundation, is one such humanitarian based in Saratoga County. He has been helping in uplifting the weaker sections of the society through his constant efforts.

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David Silipigno Challenged The City’s Evaluation Of His Residence


David Silipigno is a booming entrepreneur based in Saratoga Springs who recently challenged the city for its inflated appraisal of his Saratoga residence. According to him, the city charged him with nearly double the real appraisal for the 20, 800 sq ft residence at 36-Stony Brook Drive.


For this act, he had to undergo a lot of mortification and disgrace as the city did not wish him to present this case in front of judge because it was well conscious of its ultimate results.


It was during the year 2008 when David Silipigno raised his voice against the city’s evaluation asserting that he was indicted as much as the double of amount of original evaluation. In order to solve out this tax case, the City Council carried out an executive meeting for voting and elected Mayor Scot Johnson to make final decisions.


Mayor Scot Johnson evaluated David’s residence at the value of nearly $4.4m, of which around $3.6 million are payable. After that, the city decided on less than half the total amount of real evaluation. According to the reports, the city will pay David Silipigno the amount of 180, 000 USD in credit and repayment. This property tax case reveals the hasty attacks which the city is making on homeowners.


When asked about this case in an interview, David Silipigno disclosed that the commissioner did not want to solve his case until he was imposed to do so. Further, he added that that this was just an attempt of the city to collect money from homeowners, which was confirmed unsuccessful finally.


In this way, he supports homeowners to disclose their annoyance and encourages others who are going through such exaggerated evaluations to raise voice against the city.