welcome to houston probate attorney n.
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Houston Probate Attorney

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Houston Probate Attorney - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Have you need help to administer an estate? Don’t worry! Our probate attorneys help clients with probate administration, litigation and estate planning process in Houston. To know more information visit http://www.houston-probate-law.com

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Houston Probate Attorney

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welcome to houston probate attorney

Welcome to Houston Probate Attorney

We Help with probate and estate planning in Houston.

about us

About Us

We work with clients as a Houston probate attorney to make sure that the probate process is as easy as possible for them.  We guide the executor or administrator through the probate process. We facilitate property transfers to the proper parties in the fastest and most cost effective manner.

probate administration in houston

Probate Administration in Houston

Probate administration is the process in which a court oversees the payment of a deceased person’s debts and the distribution of his assets. The probate process starts by filing an application for probate with the Houston probate court and concludes when the executor or administrator is discharged by the court.

probate litigation in houston

Probate Litigation in Houston

Probate litigation involves:

  • Contesting the validity of a will
  • Correcting a fiduciary error or impropriety
  • Recovering misappropriated property
  • Determining the correct heirs or proper heirs
  • Determining whether a creditor is to be paid
contact us

Contact us

For more information, visit


Call us :- 713-909-4906.