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Control Center Overview of Metro Ethernet

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Control Center Overview of Metro Ethernet. 2014. View and manage your CenturyLink Metro Ethernet services,* access vital data including inventory details, statistics, and status reports. Monitor the health and status through a visual rendition of your network.

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control center benefits

View and manage your CenturyLink Metro Ethernet services,* access vital data including inventory details, statistics, and status reports.

Monitor the health and status through a visual rendition of your network.

Create reports on utilization and analyze billing data with Bill Analyzer Tool, view and download data.

System Administrators can set secure user access and assign levels of authority.

Design your landing page based on your needs and areas of focus. Display only those services and reports you've selected to monitor.

View and pay all your CenturyLink invoices online, enroll in paperless billing and online payments.

Create and monitor the status of services tickets with web and mobile application.

Stay informed with dynamic messaging on CenturyLink products and Services. Access training material, learn the latest enhancements to the portal and monitor and track your orders.

Available on-line 24/7. Help via email and Toll Free Helpline. Click to Chat access.

Control Center Benefits

CenturyLink Control Center helps you manage your Metro Ethernet service.

*Available for QC Metro Ethernet service offered in AZ, CO, IA, ID, MT, MN, ND, NE, NM, OR, SD, UT, WA and WY

welcome to control center

Control Center is a free, secure, self-service Web portal that provides access to critical tools enabling easy, safe and fast management of invoices, network services, statistics and trouble reporting.

To begin using Control Center, select “Metro Ethernet” under the Services header and the tool presents options for Inventory, Reports and Repair. If your Metro Ethernet services do not appear, then you may require permissions. For assistance contact the Control Center System Admin by selecting the Administration or Help buttons or you may call the Help Desk at 877.726.6875.

Inventory: This option will display your Metro Ethernet inventory, including your circuit Information.

Reports: This option will allow the execution of network performance reporting for Metro Ethernet.

Repair: The Repair option will allow you to submit a repair ticket online for Metro Ethernet circuits. Status of the ticket will also be available online.

Welcome to Control Center
control center service hub
Control Center - Service Hub

The Service Hub is a “super module” that allows Customers to get a single customized view of inventory and filter their desired combinations.

control center metro ethernet network map

By hovering over the icon, the Network Map enables you to view:

The number of services at a location. Service type is presented with a number following the label, which indicates the total serviceinstances.

Status of your Metro Ethernetservice. A green icon (not pictured) indicates no active tickets for the service location. A red icon shows non-closed trouble ticket(s) for the selected service location. See example below.

Control Center – Metro Ethernet Network Map

The Control Center Network Map displays current inventory and details.

control center network map inventory

The detailed list view from the Network Map allows you to view your Metro Ethernet services via the Inventory Tab.

The Active Tickets tab will present the Repair Ticket Information, if any exist.

The Service ID for each Metro Ethernet service is hyperlinked to conveniently allow you to view the details. There is an export function for your list view of inventory that is readily available from the Inventory View.

Example hyperlinked Service IDs are redacted.

Control Center – Network Map Inventory
control center network map circuit detail

The Summary View from the Network Map will display:


Bandwidth Profile

QoS(Quality of Service)

Service Location

The View Detail button will navigate you to the Inventory Detail Page with the pre-filtered circuit information that you selected.

Note: QoS is an optional feature offered at an additional monthly charge that enables Customers to prioritize their traffic across the Ethernet network to support business applications (e.g. voice, video).

Control Center – Network Map Circuit Detail
control center network map circuit detail1

The Inventory Summary View presented after selecting the View Detail Button on the Network Map displays the following:

Service ID

Custom Name

Port Type

Bandwidth Profile

Available Bandwidth

QoS (Quality of Service)


Diversity (optional feature)

Associated EVC (Ethernet Virtual Connection)

EWET means Ethernet With Extended Transport and is offered in select areas with Metro Ethernet service. Additional charges apply.

Control Center – Network Map Circuit Detail
control center network map active tickets

The Active Tickets Tab will display the existing tickets for the Metro Ethernet service you selected from the Network Map:

Repair Ticket Status may be one of the following:




In Progress

The Ticket # is hyperlinked to allow you to view more ticket detail by linking in with the Repair Ticket Module.

The current Status of the Ticket is presented. Closed Tickets are viewable via Control Center for 90 days after the close date.

Service ID is the Circuit ID for your Metro Ethernet Circuit.

Service Type will reflect the Service and in this example, Metro Ethernet.

The Create Ticket button will allow you to open a ticket right from the Network Map.

Control Center – Network Map Active Tickets
control center network map active tickets1
Control Center – Network Map Active Tickets

Selecting the hyperlinked Ticket Number from the Network Map displays the following screen.

metro ethernet dashboard reports
Metro Ethernet Dashboard Reports

Dashboards provide reviews of operational performance and ability to pull list of Top Hitters.

The Dashboard reports measure performance on your Metro Ethernet service, including:

  • Average utilization of the available bandwidth on Customer’s entire network service on ingress and egress traffic.
  • Ethernet frame discard counts and percentages. Discards occur based on the service definition, for instance the frame size is too small (less than 64 bytes) or contains protocols not supported by the UNI (User to Network Interface).
  • Ethernet Frames
  • Ethernet Bytes (bandwidth)
  • Users can also set the desired measurement period.

The Dashboard also allows users to report on “Top Hitters,” those service locations ranked based upon network activity, including utilization.

metro ethernet inventory functions

Inventory Screen Functions include:

View all (Default) Allows you to select a personalized view if you created one from a list.

Manage Views Allows you to create and edit customized views of favorite circuits, locations or accounts, each with a customized name that you choose. You may create more than one customized view.

Advanced Search Allows you to search for specific data elements that are of interest to you. (City, Custom Name, etc.)

Download All Allows you to download the inventory information into a CSV file for further analysis and sorting.

View Circuit Detail Hyperlinked Service ID/UNIs allow you to view Circuit/UNI or EVC details.

Metro Ethernet Inventory Functions
control center metro ethernet inventory1

The current Metro Ethernet Inventory Screen displays: Add Custom Name Rules – EVC Scenario Moves

Service ID/UNI: Service ID/UNI for Metro Ethernet

Custom Name: A user friendly name you may assign to the circuit to make it easily recognizable.

Service Location: Identifies the physical location of the Circuit/UNI.

EVC – Ethernet Virtual Connection associated to the Service.

Bandwidth: Displays bandwidth associated to the Ethernet Service.

QoS – Identifies if Quality of Service is associated to the Circuit.

Diversity: Identifies if Diversity is associated to the circuit.

Account Number: (Not Pictured) displays the account number associated to the Circuit.

Control Center – Metro Ethernet Inventory
metro ethernet inventory expanded evc

The current Metro Ethernet Inventory Screen allows you to expand the Service ID information.

The Expand All option in the EVC column will display all EVC’s associated to the circuit.

You can easily identify those circuits with more than one EVC based on the words Various (x) in the EVC column. The number indicated in the parenthesis is the total count of EVC’s for the circuit.

If a single EVC is associated to the Service ID, then the EVC ID will be visible in the EVC column.

Metro Ethernet Inventory - Expanded EVC
control center view circuit detail

View Circuit Detail Screen components for Metro Ethernet include:

Service ID Circuit ID/UNI for the network circuit

Custom Name presents the existing custom name you assigned or provides you the ability to create/edit custom name.

Port Type

Bandwidth Profile

Available Bandwidth

P1 QoS (P1 is the amount of highest priority QoS bandwidth)

EWET (Ethernet With Extended Transport)


Associated EVC(s)

Users can drill down further into individual EVC details in this view.

The Repair button allows you to create a repair ticket from the circuit detail page.

Control Center – View Circuit Detail
metro ethernet search inventory

When you select the Search For Option from the Inventory screen, Control Center allows you to search for :

Service ID/UNI

Custom Name


Account Number

The wildcard search is also supported using the (*) symbol.

Metro Ethernet Search Inventory
advanced search custom view

Searchable components for Advanced Search include:

Service ID

Custom Name

Service Location




Account Number

The Advanced Filter that you create can be saved as a view you can reference from the Inventory Screen.

The wildcard (*) is supported when searching data elements.

If you are satisfied with the search results, you may Save the Search as a View for your Inventory Screen.

Advanced Search/Custom View
metro ethernet inventory report

When you select the Download All button the Inventory Screen Details of your Metro Ethernet Services are presented in another window in a CSV format.

This report may be particularly useful for analysis and data grouping to create custom views.

Metro Ethernet Inventory Report
control center benefits mobile site
Control Center Benefits – Mobile Site

Control Center also supports mobile applications for added convenience.

  • Hassle-free, 24x7 availability
  • Instant, efficient access from virtually anywhere increases productivity
  • Confidence that your network needs can be addressed quickly

Mobile Control Center Repair

  • Mobile Repair keeps you on top of your network functions
    • Create Tickets from a Mobile Device for all products and services you have in the full site
    • Up to date status on your latest tickets
    • Updates to Work Log Notes
    • Ticket closures
    • Syncs to full site so changes or updates to either are instantly reflected on both
  • Requirements
    • Control Center Mobile Site is compatible with the standard browsers for the following operating systems:
    • Android 2.1 or newer
    • iPhone 4.0 or newer
    • BlackBerry 6.0 or newer
    • Windows Mobile 7 or newer
  • URL
    • Utilizing Device Detection Technology enter our Full Site URL into your Mobile Device and the Mobile Version of Control Center will be displayed.
control center
Control Center

Control Center is a robust tool that is a value-added feature of CenturyLink’s Metro Ethernet service that Customers rely upon.

Customers may elect to add CenturyLink Account Consultants to their accounts through granting Admin privileges.

Interested CenturyLink Customers may request a Control Center demonstration through their Account Team.

Regardless of the task you’re undertaking or where you are in Control Center, Help is always available.


Call us: 1.877.726.6875