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John Misto
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John Misto

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  1. John Misto Scriptwriter John Misto’s play, The Shoe-Horn Sonata won the Australia Remembers National Playwriting Competition, a nationwide writing competition conducted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to promote awareness of Australia’s war heroes (1995). It also won the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award.

  2. John Misto - The Shoe-Horn Sonata If you’re a fan of John Misto’s, have seen his plays, heard his talks or watched his television scripts, you’ll know the answer to these questions. And if you’re not, you’re missing out. Misto’s best-known work, The Shoe-Horn Sonata, is one of the most frequently performed plays in Australia. It is the story of two old ladies who are forced to recount their war-time experiences for a television documentary.

  3. John Misto – The Dark Voyager John Misto’s most recent play, Dark Voyager, was a box-office hit at Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre. The play’s based-on-fact revelations about Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Rock Hudson and “Gay” Edgar Hoover had the audience laughing and gasping in amazement. John Misto is an in-demand speaker. At his last talk, to a sold-out luncheon at Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre, the audience booed when the manager ordered his talk to end! They demanded more.

  4. John Misto – The devil’s champanions John Misto has also written about ageing hippies and murder, Natural Causes(AFI Award and Australian Writers’ Guild Award winner) and Palace of Dreams, about an Aussie pub in the Great Depression (Australian Writers’ Guild Award winner.) His first novel, a thriller, The Devil’s Companions, was published in 2005 by Hachette. It is the story of a young detective who is convinced a group of nuns are guilty of child-abuse.

  5. John Misto – The Shoe-horn Sonata The Shoe-Horn Sonata opened at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney in 1995, very few Australians knew that Australian Army nurses and thousands of civilian women and children had suffered and died at the hands of their Japanese captors during World War Two. In addition, no one seemed aware that these people had fallen into the hands of the Japanese due to the incompetence of both the British and the Australians in Singapore. And even I had trouble accepting the appalling treatment they received in Australia and England in the years following their return home.

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