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NYC Landscaper - Add Value to Your Homes PowerPoint Presentation
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NYC Landscaper - Add Value to Your Homes

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NYC Landscaper - Add Value to Your Homes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From contemporary designs to modern stonescapes and plantscapes; NYC Landscapers at John Mini Distinctive Landscapes are expert designers who take care of every minute detail in outdoor and indoor landscaping.\n

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nyc landscaper

NYC landscaper

NYC landscaper

history of landscape design the first ever modern

History of landscape design

The first ever modern landscape was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. He is the father of modern landscaping and his design complemented parks which has a greater influence on today’s landscape designers. The landscape designs include the New York City Central Park, Brooklyn Prospect Park and New York Emerald Necklace park system. Later the publications by Henry Vincent Hubbard garnered prominence for its landscape architecture.

contemporary nyc landscapers see the emergence

Contemporary NYC landscaperssee the emergence of outdated space, landscaping and materials being revived in the 21st century. Contemporary landscaping uses a range of concrete applications, bars, grills and finishes providing a complete outdoor entertainment space. A contemporary design improves functionality without compromising on the value of the home. Stone, veneers and tiles gives a range of possibilities promising a warm appeal to your garden.

challenges of terrace landscaping in nyc

Challenges of Terrace Landscaping In NYC

  • At New York where space is premium designing a stylish and contemporary outdoor garden could be a luxury. Though, finding roof gardens at apartments is a common site. The challenges of terrace landscaping could be:
  • Wind
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Noise pollution
  • Small spaces
  • Irregular spaces
  • Adding a lounge, kitchen and dining could be even more challenging at the roof garden.
when cultivating plants are not in your mind then

When cultivating plants are not in your mind then it is time for a cool looking garden space. Contemporary landscaping is both energetic and modern. It has the characteristics of modern design though with a decent budget. The design highlights include:

  • Walkways with stones or wooden planks
  • Introducing assortment of plants with focus on greenery.
  • Garden walkway lights
  • Adding tough edge design for walkways
philosophy of landscaping garden the landscaping

Philosophy of landscaping garden

The landscaping gardens can be divided into many types depending on the region of origin; each has its unique characterization. These are

  • Ancient garden
  • Japanese garden or rock or Zen garden
  • Islamic garden
  • Chinese garden
  • Neo Nusantara or traditional garden
  • Sacred garden
  • Bali garden
  • European garden or French Baroque
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