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John Haag - Aerobatic Pilot PowerPoint Presentation
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John Haag - Aerobatic Pilot

John Haag - Aerobatic Pilot

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John Haag - Aerobatic Pilot

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  1. John Haag Aerobatic Pilot John Haag is a talented executive who is able to work with companies of all sizes to help them to achieve their business objectives. He is also a competitive aerobatic pilot, which is a sport that requires immense amounts of discipline and training before one can become proficient. He approaches the activity with the same level of determination that he has every task that he has encountered during his career.

  2. John Haag Experienced Business Advisor John Haag has spent a number of decades working as a business advisor and banker for some of the largest companies in the United States. He started his career as an accountant and manager at KPMG, spending six years at the company before moving into a role at JP Morgan. He has demonstrated a creative flair and knack for solving complex problems in every role that he has held since.

  3. John Haag Military Family John Haag comes from a family that is steeped in military history. His father was an aircraft mechanic who has stationed in Karachi, Pakistan when Haag was born. He was asked to work on the President’s helicopter later on in his career, but had to pass up the opportunity because of the Vietnam War. John’s father retired from military service once the war had ended.Once the war was over, Haag’s father moved to Virginia

  4. John Haag A Talent For Music John Haag first discovered that he had an interest in music when he started attending high school at Newport News once his family had settled in Virginia. He began nurturing this talent and went on to study as a jazz musician at the University of North Texas, before deciding to make the transition to accounting later on in his academic career.

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