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Immediate steps to take when wife wants to leave PowerPoint Presentation
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Immediate steps to take when wife wants to leave

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Immediate steps to take when wife wants to leave - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In our day to day life we experience many fights, some are for quite a small period and are settled after minor negotiations where as it takes time for others to settle down properly. Besides these two types there is another form of fight does not settles at all.


Many different forms of a relationship experience such fights but the most important thing that evaluates the nature of fight and further and relationship with that person is the nature and density of love between two individuals. First of all, if it is between two friends, you will be okay if your pal is not taking to you anymore but you can’t maintain the same attitude with your wife or even with your kids.


When you have relationships gaps and problems with your wife, it did not stay for long. You should identify your path and specify who is wrong. For instance, you cannot blame your wife when you are wrong. Similarly never take the responsibility of any issue when your wife is on the wrong side.


This is the best way of figuring out issues and resolving them on time. When wife wants to leave, do not overreact and try to handle this situation wisely and in a calm manner. Because anger and provoked behavior is not the solution of any problem.


Another important thing you need to keep in mind when wife wants to leave is to behave properly with her. Do not show your anger because it might be possible that she is leaving just because of your rude and harsh behavior. This is the reason, psychologists always advise people to stay calm and keep quite for a while when fights occur.


The phenomenon behind this is, you will be calm down in a few minutes and automatically it will lower your anger and everything will be normal as a result. Same is applied to your wife – she should also try to understand the enormity of issue and be ready to talk in order to resolve this issue within marriage boundaries.


When you see no way of stopping her, you should stay patient and talk to her. If she is not willing to talk, you can use online media, like email, text message, or even post a message to her Facebook wall. Openly confess that you were wrong and now you want to make up things again in order to lead a peaceful and happy married life.