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give your business a boost with quality bartending tools n.
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Give your Business a Boost with Quality Bartending Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Give your Business a Boost with Quality Bartending Tools

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Give your Business a Boost with Quality Bartending Tools
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Give your Business a Boost with Quality Bartending Tools

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  1. Give your Business a Boost with Quality Bartending Tools

  2. Service is the mainstay of any business. It is one of the most important components that help a business gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Bartending is a lucrative, but competitive, profession. Exceptional service or the lack of it often differentiates between a successful business and a bar that is a failure. You can, though, only succeed as a bar owner or bartender if you have the right and proper bartender tools. Quality tools brought from a reputable online seller are the most important asset of your business.

  3. could be your most important and trusted ally as you go about expanding your business through exceptional service. This firm has all the right and high quality bar tools to serve, mix or store your drinks. In the following section we shall look at some of the important bar tools that are essential for your commercial as well as your home bar.

  4. Cocktail Shaker and Measuring Glass This is a very important accessory for any bar. Basically there are two types of shakers—the Boston shaker and the Standard Shaker. It is generally seen that Boston shaker is the one preferred by the majority of professional bartenders. The Boston shaker consists of a mixing glass and a stainless steel core that overlaps the glass. You can make a cocktail using a Boston shaker by filling the mixing glass half way down with ice.

  5. Then you need to pour the requisite ingredients into the glass and then place the Boston shaker over the glass. You need to shake the contents for a few seconds and then pour the refreshing content into another glass for your customers. The Standard shaker comes in a variety of shapes and designs and consists of two or more glass or steel parts. You can prepare a cocktail using a standard shaker by filling the shaker halfway with ice. Pour the ingredients; cover it with the lid and shake the contents for a few seconds. Your cocktail is now ready to be served.

  6. Wine and Bottle Openers Wine and bottle openers are the most basic tools that are found in any commercial or home bar. Though small in size, they serve a variety of important functions. You cannot let your guests wait and then try opening the wine or beer bottle with your teeth or any other ingenious method. Good openers allow you to quickly and efficiently open the bottle of wine or beer and serve the beverages in an instant. A majority of top-quality wine or bottle openers available in the market come equipped with a sharp blade and a corkscrew along with the standard bottle opener.

  7. Strainer Strainers are useful and important bar tools. Strainers are a flat, spoon-shaped utensil that has a spring coil wrapped around its head for straining cocktails. There are many varieties of strainers available and you can buy one that best suits your needs from a local store or a quality online retailer.

  8. Bartender Book This is another important thing that a professional bartender must have to keep himself updated about the latest cocktails and other recipes. They help you stay ahead of the competition by allowing you to try out different state-of-the-art recipes to keep your patrons happy and interested. Apart from the vast variety of recipes, you can also learn about mixing and garnishing of a wide variety of drinks. Apart from the few mentioned above, you also need to have other important bartending tools like blender, cocktail muddler, pourer, stirrer, ice bucket, tongs, glasses, etc. for a successful bar operation.

  9. should be your ideal choice for supplies related to your home or commercial bar. This premier supplier of beer and beverage equipment will meet all your needs with an exceptional service and delivery mechanism.