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Importance of Physical Health PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of Physical Health

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Importance of Physical Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Importance of Physical Health
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  1. Importance Of Physical Health Web: Follow us:

  2. A healthy body is your key to happiness and success. It has an effect on your mental health and attitude as well, you remain full of energy and excitement towards life in general, increasing your creativity and productivity. That is perhaps the reason so much importance is laid on being physically fit and healthy because even a minor discomfort or pain in your body becomes a nagging nuisance keeping you performing at hundred percent. Here we are discussing some steps related to physical health and activity and their effects on your lifestyle. Web: Follow us:

  3. 1. The first and foremost are the health benefits. Regular exercise has proven to reduce the risks of heart diseases, avoid or overcome obesity, lower the risk of diabetes and a number of other ailments such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure and general resistance to minor infections. 2. Secondly, as mentioned earlier as well it keeps you relaxed and happy. People in good and can overcome depression easily than their counterparts. Web: Follow us:

  4. What kind of exercise is a good exercise for your physical health? A general consensus among physiotherapists, nutritionists and doctors agree that at least 30 minutes of daily exercise is key to reduce health risks and remain fit. You do not need to overexert yourself as well, a moderate intensity workout is enough to maintain your physical health levels.By the way, our physiotherapy center in Frankston, My Therapist Group offers different kinds of programs for keeping you fit and fine. Web: Follow us:

  5. A few things you can do to keep your body parts oiled (not literally though), Little Physical activity:- Web: Follow us:

  6. If you are just lazing around all the time. It’s time you get started. A little activity is any day better than no physical activity. Do not ignore the weekends:- Web: Follow us:

  7. - Try to put in some time every day towards physical exertion. If you miss it for a day, you are probably going to miss it for the whole week. Count your total physical activity Web: Follow us:

  8. - Count your total physical activity on a weekly basis and build up at least 300 minutes of workout, running, jogging, skipping, and swimming etc. every week. Muscle strength - Muscle strengthening exercises Web: Follow us:

  9. - Muscle strengthening exercises can help you in the long run, so try to devote 2-3 days to such physical activities each week. If things go wrong or even if they don’t:- Web: Follow us:

  10. It is very important to be doing the physical activities and exercises the right way. If you are not sure how to perform physical exercises, do not do them on a trial and error basis. Sometimes it can cause lasting damage to your body structure. Always consult an expert before going on about setting up a daily exercise regimen. Keep your physiotherapist or doctor in the loop as well so that if things do go wrong, you have someone to help you out immediately. Some common symptoms and conditions of concern are, - Chest Pain - Dizziness after exercising - Breathlessness - Previous history of heart conditions - Pregnancy My Therapist Group is a physiotherapy center in Frankston; we offer expert help and therapy sessions for a number of body pain issues. If you are planning to start a healthy living, contact us for a free assessment and in case you are suffering for a physical injury or body pain, give us a call for a comprehensive treatment regimen. We give a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our service. Ref by: Physical-Health-Physiotherapy-Center Web: Follow us:

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