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Resume Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Resume Tutorial

Resume Tutorial

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Resume Tutorial

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  1. Resume Tutorial Before you create your resume, brainstorm why an employer should hire you! If you do not already have a draft resume, Complete the Resume Building Sheet If you have a draft available go through the tutorial and review your resume for areas of improvement Write down the 5 reasons why you believe you are the best candidate for the job You need to identify why you are unique and what your accomplishments have been.

  2. The Creation of the Resume You can develop your resume by using one of the templates, below: Example 1 Example 2 You will create this document, using tabs, fonts, and spacing. Recommended fonts include: Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma Your margins can be adjusted: the smallest margin you can use is .5 – this is located in File, Page Setup

  3. Resume Sections The resume typically has 6 different headings/sections. Section 1: Contact Information Section 2: Summary Section 3: Key Words/Accomplishments Section 4: Professional Experience Section 5: Education & Training Section 6: Additional Information This presentation will guide you through each section and will provide information about how to create each section.

  4. Type Your Heading The purpose of the heading is to give the employer your contact information Name, phone number, address, and email address. Your name should be in a larger font – suggested font is 14 point. Remember, you are selling you, so your name needs to stand out! Street address is now optional on a resume. Email address is essential. The vast majority of employers will contact you by phone or email; rarely, if ever, by snail mail. Make sure to have a professional email address. You may want to set one up just for job search that you can abandon when the search is over.

  5. EXAMPLE OF HEADING Type Your Heading

  6. Your Summary The summary is a broad overview of your skills. It guides the reader and provides an overview of what you bring to the position The summary should be tailored to fit each job you are applying for Your summary must include technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills and knowledge

  7. Your Summary You can use this example to fill in your experience [Professional Label] with extensive [general functional area] background in [3-4 things you want to be hired to do] with [industry/types of organizations] at [organizational level/location] in support of [people you relate to] [Experience includes:]

  8. Summary Examples Human Resources analyst with core competencies in classification, compensation and recruitment and selection. Extensive knowledge of Federal and State employment laws and a thorough understanding of complex personnel rules and procedures. Reputation for providing exceptional and timely customer service. Demonstrated ability to direct and complete multiple projects while meeting strict deadlines. Purchasing Manager with extensive experience in capital improvement projects and capital equipment purchasing in healthcare and government environments. Proven experience in leading negotiations, preparing business presentations, and developing business relationships. Strong knowledge of risk management and compliance issues pertaining to healthcare and government procurement practices. Excellent leadership skills empowering and motivating employees resulting in an organization of high performing, dedicated employees. Customer service management professional. Excel in fast-paced environments as well as motivating staff to increase productivity. Demonstrated ability to identify customer needs and gain customer trust. Expertise in resolving escalated customer service issues. Works well independently as well as part of a team.

  9. Summary Example Type Your Summary

  10. Summary vs. Objective • Often it is easier to customize your resume by listing an Objective instead of a Summary. Use the actual job title for the position you are applying for in your Objective. For example: OBJECTIVE • “Administrative Assistant II position with DES which will utilize highly developed skills in budget tracking, preparation of spreadsheets, meeting coordination and administrative support of multiple managers.”

  11. Key Words/Accomplishments Key words are utilized to describe your skills. Use 6-12 key words that describe your talent or skills. You should have an accomplishment statement to back up your key words in your professional experience section.

  12. Key Words Below are a variety of key words that you can use to describe your experience: Budgeting Administration Relational Databases MS Office Financial Reporting Inventory Control Contract Negotiations Statistical Data Customer Service HRIS People Soft Six Sigma Audio Visual/Media Program Management Process Development Client Relations Events Planning Seminars/Conferences Management Reporting Case Management Quarterly Reports Accounts Payable/Receivable Policies and Procedures Process Improvement Purchasing Cost Accounting Community Outreach Communication Skills Strategic Planning Executive Administration Problem Resolution Program Management Process Development Client Relations Events Planning Seminars/Conferences Management Reporting Case Management Interpersonal Skills Writing Skills Research Skills Compliance

  13. Key Words Example Type Your Key Words

  14. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Now you will begin the process of adding your work experience Start with your most current/recent position and work backwards Your focus for your work experience should be the last 10 years For each employer include full name of employer,( do not use acronyms), your title, dates, city, state

  15. Guidelines for Developing Your Professional Experience For each job, write 4-5 sentences about your basic job duties and responsibilities With each experience (within 10 years), you will need to write 2 or 3 statements qualifying and quantifying that experience. These statements are your accomplishments You need to make sure to demonstrate your skills in this section Typically, you use bullets to highlight this experience, but you will also see this displayed in a paragraph format You need to start each statement with AN Action Verb - refer to the “ Action Verbs” handout Put experience in Reverse Chronological Order Do not use personal pronouns Spell out all abbreviations; this includes agency information and titles. Not everyone will know what DES/FAA/PSE I means... If you are currently involved in the experience - use present tense. If the activity is finished – use past tense.

  16. Writing Accomplishment Statements An effective accomplishment statement consists of four parts:1. A potential problem, opportunity, or issue2. What you actually accomplished3. What you did about it4. Demonstrates how your results benefited the organizationEXAMPLES: Reduced costs, processing errors (resulting in increased quality, sales, etc.) Planned a program Advocated legal rights at a domestic violence shelter by accompanying victims to their cases Helped to create and implement various programs to teach those between the ages of 13 and 80 to canoe, windsurf and sail Took the initiative to create a program Improved a process Initiated advanced assembly procedures to increase production 10% by reducing turn around time from 5 to 4 days Planned and scheduled over twenty tours per week, organized and conducted monthly meetings for over 20 tour Guides Trained new employees in customer service and telephone procedures Organized campus tours and served on informative panels for prospective students for the past three years

  17. Professional Experience This section represents the overall scope of your position and daily duties Notice that by adding “key contributions the reader will be to read more

  18. Can’t think of accomplishments? Having a scope of your job and key accomplishments is ideal, but can be difficult to write If you are not able to come up with specific accomplishments, you can bullet your experience

  19. Professional Experience Example Type Your Professional Experience

  20. Education and Training Typically appears at the end because your work experience really is the lead in your resume List schools attended for your degrees awarded or in progress Dates are optional. If you add a date to your education the reader may be able to determine your age Include professional development or relevant training. You may want to review your Arizona Government Transcript for your coursework.

  21. Example Type your Education and Training

  22. Additional Information Include relevant information such as: Professional Memberships Military Licenses & certifications Foreign Language Abilities Awards & Recognition Community involvement and volunteer positions

  23. Sample Resume 1Very Basic Resume Note: This is an excellent way list multiple positions with one organization

  24. Resume Checklist Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors Absence of personal pronouns Appropriate tense in statements Absence of slang, jargon, and abbreviations Short descriptive phrases begin with action words Qualified and quantified descriptions Dated entries listed in reverse chronological order Categories arranged with most relevant information first Consistent format