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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions

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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions. Deborah Kurata President InStep Technologies, Inc Session Code: DTL315. Deborah Kurata is. Consultant and President of: InStep Technologies, Inc. Author of: Doing Objects in VB 2005 Best Kept Secrets in .NET Software designer/developer

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions

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Presentation Transcript
getting the most from lambda expressions

Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions

Deborah Kurata


InStep Technologies, Inc

Session Code: DTL315

deborah kurata is
Deborah Kurata is...
  • Consultant and President of:InStep Technologies, Inc.
  • Author of:
    • Doing Objects in VB 2005
    • Best Kept Secrets in .NET
  • Software designer/developer
  • INETA Speaker
  • Microsoft MVP
instep technologies is
InStep Technologies is...
  • Consulting
    • Mentoring services to get you started and keep you going with .NET
    • Strategic software consulting and training services
    • Application architecture and design
    • Custom software development of Windows and Web-based applications
  • Web site:
you are
You Are...
  • Using Generic Lists
    • List(Of Customer)
    • List<Customer>
  • Using Lambda Expressions
    • Just getting started/new to them
    • Use them once in a while
    • Use them everyday
this presentation is
This Presentation is …
  • Fun with Lambda Expressions
  • What are Lambda Expressions?
  • Lambdas as Generic Delegates
  • Lambdas as Callable Entities
  • Lambdas as Callbacks
generic lists
Generic Lists
  • Class Customer
    • Manages a single customer
    • Customer properties
    • Customer methods
  • Class Customers
    • Manages the list of customers
    • List(Of Customer)
    • List<Customer>
lambda calculus
Lambda Calculus
  • “Formal system designed to investigate function definition, function application, and recursion.”
    • Wikipedia
what are lambda expressions
What are Lambda Expressions?
  • New in Visual Basic 9 and C# 3.0 (VS 2008)
  • Unnamed, inline functions
    • Single statement
    • Multiple statement (C# only; coming in VB 10)
  • Used wherever delegates are required
what is a delegate
What is a Delegate?
  • An object that holds a reference to a method with a particular parameter list and return type
  • Like object-oriented, type-safe function pointer
  • Make it possible to treat methods as entities
    • Assign to variables
    • Pass as parameters
classic delegate example events
Classic Delegate Example: Events

// Passes the method to the new delegate

HelloButton.Click +=

new EventHandler(HelloButton_Click);

' AddressOf assigns the address of the

' method to the delegate

AddHandler HelloButton.Click, _

AddressOf HelloButton_Click

using lambda expressions
Using Lambda Expressions

// C#

HelloButton.Click +=

(s, ev) =>

MessageBox.Show("Hello World");

' VB:

AddHandler HelloButton.Click, _

Function(s, ev) _

MessageBox.Show("Hello World")

defining delegates
Defining Delegates
  • Named method
  • Anonymous method (C# 2.0)
  • Lambda expression (C# 3.0 and VB 9)
lambda expression syntax vb
Lambda Expression Syntax - VB

' General syntax:

Dim foundCustomer as Customer = _

allCust.First(Function(c as Customer) _

c.CustomerId = 4)

' With inferred typing:

Dim foundCustomer = _

allCust.First(Function(c) _

c.CustomerId = 4)

lambda expression syntax c
Lambda Expression Syntax – C#

' General syntax:

Customer foundCustomer =

allCust.First((Customer c) =>

c.CustomerId == 4);

' With inferred typing:

varfoundCustomer =

allCust.First(c =>

c.CustomerId == 4);

lambda multiline syntax c
Lambda Multiline Syntax – C#

var foundCustomer = allCust.First(c =>



if (c.CustomerId == 4)

return true;


return false;


features that use delegates
Features that Use Delegates
  • Event handlers
  • Enumerable class methods
    • Extension methods of IEnumerable(T)
    • Examples: Aggregate, All, Any, FirstOrDefault
  • LINQ methods
    • Used by LINQ
    • Examples: OrderBy, Where, GroupBy
lambdas as generic delegates
Lambdas as Generic Delegates
  • Generic delegates were new in .NET 2.0
  • Predicate Delegates
  • Action Delegates
  • Func Delegates
predicate delegate
Predicate Delegate
  • Predicate: “An operator or function which returns a Boolean value” - Wikipedia
  • Encapsulates a method that evaluates to True or False
  • Takes one parameter
example predicate delegate
Example: Predicate Delegate

' VB:

Dim foundCustomer = _

Array.Find(custArray, Function(c) _


// C#:

varfoundCustomer =

Array.Find(custArray, c =>


action delegate
Action Delegate
  • Encapsulates a method that does not return a value
    • Sub in VB
    • void in C#
  • Takes up to four parameters
example action delegate
Example: Action Delegate

' VB:

Can only use named methods


// C#:

allCust.ForEach(c =>


func delegate
Func Delegate
  • Encapsulates a method that returns a value
  • Takes up to 4 parameters and a return value
  • Last parameter is the return value
    • Func<int, int, string>
    • Func(Of Integer, Integer, String)
example func delegate
Example: Func Delegate

' VB:

Dim total = allCust.Sum(Function(c) _


// C#:

var total = allCust.Sum(c =>


lambdas as callable entities
Lambdas as Callable Entities
  • Lambda expressions can be assigned to a delegate variable
  • Lambda expression is executed when the delegate is executed
example assignment
Example: Assignment

' VB:

Infers the type

Dim f = _

Function(x as Integer) (x + x).ToString()



// C#:

Func<int,string> f =

x => (x + x).ToString();



lambda expression execution
Lambda Expression Execution
  • Lambda expressions are executed when they are called, not when they are constructed
  • Local variables used in a lambda expression are “captured” or “lifted”
    • Variable value used is the value at execution time
    • Variable lifetime extends to the lifetime of the delegate
example local variables
Example: Local Variables

// C#:

int y = 0;

Func<int,string> f =

x => (x + y).ToString();

y = 10;


' VB:

Dim y As Integer = 0

Dim f As Func(Of Integer, String) = _

Function(x) (x + y).ToString()

y = 10


lambdas as callbacks
Lambdas as Callbacks
  • Callback
    • “Executable code that is passed as an argument to other code”
  • Passes a function to a function
  • A delegate does not know or care about the class of the method it is referencing
    • No need to reference the class that defined the method
getting the most from lambdas
Getting the Most from Lambdas
  • Use Lambda expressions for
    • Writing inline functions
    • Calling LINQ methods
    • Calling extension methods that take a delegate
    • Creating callable functions
    • Performing callbacks

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