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The knowlege and hands on training the international students gain abroad will add a tremendous impact in their respective educational background that will lead them to a higher paying job back home or international marketplace not to mention a big chance of acquiring a permanent residence when they satisfactory perform in theoritical and practical application.

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K athmandu i nfosys e ducational c onsultancy

Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy

We are running following coaching classes
We are running following Coaching Classes:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

English Language

Japanese Language

Ielts international english language testing system
IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS tests all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. The Speaking test is a face-to-face interview with a certified Examiner. It is interactive and as close to a real-life situation as a test can get. Research shows that IELTS motivates test-takers to develop real and well-rounded English rather than learning by rote. This means your understanding of English is improved and valid for real life in an English-speaking country.

Toefl test of english as a foreign language
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

More than 8,500 colleges, universities andagencies in more than 130 countries rely on TOEFL® test scores to help make admissions decisions You can take the TOEFL test at your choice of more than 4,500 conveniently located test sites in more than 165 countries worldwide. You also save time and money since the entire test is given in one day, rather than coming back a second day like some other tests.

Sat scholastic aptitude test
SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

As the nation’s most widely used college admission test, the SAT is the first step toward higher education for students of all backgrounds. It’s taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities. Most university/college in USA use the SAT as one indicator of a student's readiness to do university-level work. Other criteria include class rank, marks (Grade Point Average), extracurricular activities, personal essays and recommendations. Starting in 1993, the SAT split into the SAT I: Reasoning Test and the SAT II: Subject Tests. In general, universities only require SAT I, but the most exclusive schools often require two or more SAT II Subject Tests.

Gre graduate record examinations
GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)

The purpose of the GRE is very simple. The GRE is a standardized test, and serves the same purpose that all standardized tests serve--to provide a means of measuring skill level. For admission in US and most Canadian universities GRE act as an admission test which is required for all applicants including American or Canadian students. Why GRE is important because the applicants are from all over the world and when applicant’s university is unknown to graduate admission committee they look to the applicant’s GRE score for evaluating the applicant (and GRE act as a standard for all applicants as everyone has to take it no matter form where applicant did his undergrad/MS from). If GRE score is low and the university is pretty unknown then the chance become very low for acceptance.

Gmat graduate management admission test
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Thousands of graduate management programs around the world use the Graduate Management Admission Test® in their admissions process. You may be considering whether your program should adopt the GMAT® exam, as well.The GMAT® exam was created to measure the academic abilities needed to succeed in graduate management education. Over the 50 years of its use, the GMAT® has been repeatedly studied, tested, and modified to ensure that it continues to help predict performance in the first year or midway through a graduate management program.

Also we run languages classes like:

Diploma in Business English (DBE)

English language
English Language:

Moreover, English is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation, UN & NATO armed forces, engineering, tourism, Hollywood films and arguably the best pop and rock music in the world. English has plenty of words to choose from. In fact, an English speaker is offered the biggest vocabulary of any language with a choice of 500,000 to 1,000,000 words (including technical and scientific terms).

Japanese language
Japanese Language:

The ability to communicate in another language has long been regarded as an essential element of a well-rounded education in the World. Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience.Studying Japanese brings career opportunities for international business. Nepalese students enroll for this course in order to get admission to universities in Japan and start work and study career from Japan.

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