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tips to manage money

tips to help you manage your cash

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tips to manage money

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  1. HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY Joha http://joysdownload.com

  2. Managing Money involves three areas: • Managing the income streams • Managing the outflows/ the expenses • Investments of the savings.

  3. Managing you IncomeSet Your Revenue Target • You must set short-term goals and long-term goals. Without the goals, you will not have the direction. • Review the goals to meet the reality. • Check why?, if you cannot achieve the goals.

  4. Creating Vision of Income • Visualize wealth and abundance every day. What we are actually suggesting is that you practice some sort of airy-fairy mysticism that will make you to attract the money. • The power of the mind to virtualize the money income stream

  5. Making Money by doing what you love • Do what you love and the money will follow. At any rate, it's true. One of the primary reasons that many people live paycheck to paycheck and are broke despite working very hard at their jobs is the fact that they hate what they do.

  6. Make extra money, where possible • Sell your unused personal junk. That's right; it's high past time for a major garage sale, it will clear your apartments and your mind. • If do not use the things for more then a year, the chance is, you will not use them in the near future.

  7. Managing expenses • Keep a daily log of everything you spend. Go to the dime store and buy a little notebook. • Carry it with you wherever you go. Write down every penny - every single penny. • Most people will not know where his money had gone to.

  8. Managing Expenses • Never exceed your budget. • Do not spend more than you csn effort. • Stop deficit spending! We all know how much trouble Uncle Sam has been creating... Spending more money than our country takes in. It's called deficit spending.

  9. Building Saving Habit • Save your money, as money can be used to make money • A penny saved is a penny earned. Yes it's still true, and still one of the most powerful money-making tips in all history.

  10. Manage Your Time • Make yourself the list of top 10 things you need to do on each day. • Organise them into the most important and the urgency. • Start with the important and urgent.

  11. Invest to Generate Income • Choose the investment portfolio that suited you. • Consider the risks, the return and convertibility to cash. • The saving account gives about 2.3 percent interest rates most banks give you are not even enough to keep pace with inflation.

  12. The Resource Tips to manage money Blog : http://joysdownload.com The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development.

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