benefits of working for airlines l.
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benefits of working for airlines

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benefits of working for airlines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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working for airlines have a number of benefits. The most popularly quoted is the travel privileges.

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benefits of working for airlines

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benefits of working for airlines

Benefits Of Working For Airlines

why work for airlines
Why Work for Airlines
  • Large Market – over 500,000 employees in US
  • Growing Industry
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Meeting People
  • International Opportunities
  • Good Variety of Jobs
large market over 500 000 employees in us
Large Market – over 500,000 employees in US
  • Large job market will mean more opportunities to get employed.
  • It give you the flexibility to move to another cities.
  • Better chance of career progression as there are more positions available.
growing industry
Growing Industry
  • Airline Industry is growing about 5% per annum
  • More people are travelling as the society is more global
  • Growing industry means growing career progression
travel opportunities
Travel Opportunities
  • Flying staff like cabin crews and pilots will have opportunities to visit other countries or cities.
  • All staff will get either free tickets or discounted travels to any destinations that your airline flies.
  • Interline discounted tickets @25% for other destinations on other airlines as per agreements.
  • Many jobs require intensive travelling and all expenses are paid by your company.
meeting people
Meeting People
  • More positions require direct interactions with customers.
  • Staff in Sales, Customer Services and Cabin Crews have more opportunities to meet customers.
  • Staff in support departments like IT, Engineering, HR will have lesser opportunities to deal with the customers.
international opportunities
International Opportunities
  • Certain positions or jobs are demanded internationally.
  • Jobs such as pilot, engineering and maintenance and IT provide chance to work overseas.
good variety of jobs
Good Variety of Jobs
  • Airlines employ the whole spectrum of staff
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Customer services – handle the customers
    • Engineering to maintain aircraft
    • Drivers to fleet of vans and bus
    • Caterers – Can be the biggest in town
    • IT – the handle the complex systems
  • The Main attraction is the Travel. Tickets can be expensive. It can be a place to develop skills that will be marketable in other sectors.

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