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Badminton for Healthy Living PowerPoint Presentation
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Badminton for Healthy Living

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Badminton for Healthy Living
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Badminton for Healthy Living

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  1. Badminton More Information

  2. Skill to Handle The Racket Two Basic Technique to Hold Racket. • Backhand Grip • The V portion of your hand to be aligned to the side of the racket. Forhand Grip

  3. Service Skill A game starts with the service. • There are three common types of services :- - High Service - Low Service - Backhand Service

  4. High Service The high service aim to get the shuttle to drop almost vertically near the back line. • Stand at the service court. • Hold racket in forward grip position. • Your Body weight on the aft leg. • The shuttle to be hit below the navel. • Swing the racket as the other hand let go the shuttle. • At the same time transfer the weight to the forward leg.

  5. Low Service Normally used in double game. Due to the low level of the shuttle, it is difficult to play an attacking game. • Hold the racket in the forehand grip • With high flexibility on the elbow, swing the racket backward. • Keep your eyes on the shuttle cock. • Lock the wrist. Hold the shuttle below the navel and let it free and the racket is ready to hit it as it falls from the hand. • The contact is at the middle of the racket.

  6. Forehand Drive - To be used in attacking game. - Drive the shuttle cock hard and fast. • Hold the racket in the forehand grip. • Swing the racket back, using the flexibility of the elbow. • Lock the wrist. • Swing the racket forward aiming the shuttle to be at the net’s height.

  7. Backhand Drive • Normally used in the defense mode. • Can be used in the backhand smash. • Get into the ready position to receive the shuttle. • Hold the racket with backhand technique. • Use the flexibility of your body and the elbow. • Swing the racket forward and aim the contact with the shuttle cock at shoulder height.

  8. LOOP • It is used as a defense. • Make counter attack more difficult. • Give time for the player to position himself to the required location. • Hold the racket in the forehand grip • Head tilted back and flexibility at the elbow. • Drive the racket forward above the head. • The racket to contact the shuttle above the head.

  9. SMASHING - intended to drive the shuttle cock to the opponent’s court. - The jumping smash will result to more powerful drive and stepper angle.

  10. THE COURT - Rectangular in shape. • 13.40m long and 6.10m wide for double. • 13.40m long and 5.18m wide for single. • The poles height is 1.55m. • The top of the net is 1.54m from the floor and the width of the net is 0.76m.