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Johane Porsenna come from an era where you did not go to the mall to purchase new clothes. Growing up, we had a seamstress that would make everything from my school uniforms to my party dresses. Johane Porsenna remember always being excited whenever we took a trip to the seamstress. \n

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Johane Porsenna- Fashion a dynamic changes with clothing:-

Fashion is concerned mainly style clothing worn at any given time. Clothing in its most basic

form is to keep us warm, but it serves many other functions. It has to adapt to the customs

and norms of society. Clothing needs to be accepted as more or less "normal". It takes, for

example, to preserve decency.

Fashion can also mean a style of language or behaviour. Fads are a form of nonverbal

communication. They communicate something, but exactly what is a mystery. Often, what

they say it is membership in a particular group.

Fads are like tendencies. They change faster than the whole culture. The term "fashion" is

often used synonymous with glamor and style. Sometimes the term is used in a negative

sense, in the sense of a "fashion".

Views on fashion:-

There are fashions in many types of human activities and ways of thinking. There are

fashions in architecture (the way people build houses) and interior design (the way people

decorate their homes inside). There are fashions in clothing. There are fashions for dance

and music, and by the way they talk. There are fashions for ideas.

Fashion is more than just a whim of a designer. Fashion isa reflection of a point, socially,

politically, economically and artistically. Style changes show much about the history and the

period of time than any history book. It reflects on what people think, what they value and

how they lived. Fashion is a statement, a way of life. Fashion is used in different forms such

as clothing, culture, religion, etc. The garments are not only to keep warm!

Fashion is a way of expressing oneself. Many teenagers show their ideas and opinions

through the way they look. They may want to look unique and individual, often to be a

member of a group that seems unique. Fashion is superficial (on the surface), but as the

outside of a person is the only part that others see what they wear is significant. It helps

people to make theirfirst opinion of you and can influence the opinions and ideas of others.