where is kiribati n.
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Where is Kiribati? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where is Kiribati?

Where is Kiribati?

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Where is Kiribati?

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  1. Where is Kiribati?

  2. TE TOA MATOA Kiribati Association of People with Disabilities 1999

  3. Te Toa Matoa is an Adult Disabled Group (ADG) • Self-help group • Initiated awareness through social activities:- fundraising, shows, gatherings • Advocate for PWD and struggling in raising awareness on CRPD

  4. TE TOA MATOA (Definition 1) 1. TOA = A STRONG GIANT • Reflects strong minds, wills and strengths to live life to the optimum as an individual • Reflects strong desires, aspirations and ambitions of the org. to work for full participation & equalisation of opportunities for PWDs in Kiribati

  5. TE TOA MATOA (Definition 2) 2. TOA = A STRONG PARTNER • “Partner” refers to our disabilities • Disabilities are part of ourselves for life • Positivistic perspective: disabilities are our sources of strength, encouragement & motivation.

  6. Philosophy of TTM • Promotes principles that PWD must have strong voice in decision-making processes on issues impacting their lives • Upholds concepts of full integration of all services & programmes into general infrastructure of society • Assist in ensuring that infrastructure, services & programmes are conducive to the needs of disabled people

  7. Te Toa Matoa aims to progress beyond their capacities in order for the Kiribati Government to ratify the convention of the rights of people with disabilities. All activities of TTM are premised on the belief that all human life has equal value.

  8. Mission Statement • To advocate and lobby on behalf of PWD • To create a consistent awareness in wider community of the need for equalization of opportunities in all respects of life • PWD will be able to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

  9. Vision TTM envisions that … • A PWD as one who is educated, socially secured, economically productive and happily living with own family in a barrier free environment. • An association as an affective, democratic, self-reliant organization or men and women from all disability groups, able to work for the full participation and equalisation of opportunities for PWD in Kiribati

  10. Current Activities2007 - 2009 2007 Drama Prevention of TB Tuberculosis Elimination of HIV?AIDS Working on the Convention. Kiribati Disability National Policy through the assistant of PIFS Mr. Frederick Miller and UNESCAP Mr. Alastair Wilkinson. • Public shows on CRPD awareness The group travel to reach out into the outer island (Abaiang) and do this disability awareness. They participate in the Women National Day. Attended the Australian Leadership Award Fellowship Workshop in Australia. PDF Capacity Building Workshop held in Tokatoka Resort Nadi in December. 2009 March – Workshop in CRPD

  11. CRPD WORKSHOP • Change your life with CRPD