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Welcome to Cherry Street Health Services!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Cherry Street Health Services!!

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Welcome to Cherry Street Health Services!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Cherry Street Health Services!!

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Welcome to

Cherry Street Health Services!!

We are excited that you have decided to become part of the team in providing great health care to the Grand Rapids Community! We believe that you will be a great asset to Cherry Street and it is our sincerest wish that you find this opportunity a very rewarding experience for you personally as well.

our mission statement
Our Mission Statement

Cherry Street Health Services is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost effective primary health care services to people of all economic levels but with a special sensitivity to the needs of economically disadvantaged people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Our holistic care will meet physical and behavioral health needs of those we serve by removing barriers to healthcare and promoting prevention, personal responsibility, interdisciplinary treatment, health education and collaboration with other community partners.

Cherry Street Health Services is a non profit community health center serving the health care needs of low income individuals and their families in the Grand Rapids area. We offer health care, dental, behavioral health and other health related services in several locations through out the city.

First West Side Health Center acquired in 1994

550 Cherry Street

CSHS was incorporated in 1988, it grew within its original building and expanded into its first additional site, the “West Side Health Center” in 1994.

community health history
Community Health History
  • The Community Health Center movement launched in 1965 as a federally funded initiative of the War on poverty.
  • Today, the nation’s 3,400 community health center sites provides essential health care to more than14 million low-income Americans.
  • They are a vital and vibrant force promoting increased access to health care for the largely uninsured poor in our nations communities.
  • Cherry Street is a member of the nation’s 3,400 community health centers
  • CSHS serves more than three times as many medical and dental patients than it did in1995 when our West Side Health Center was built.
  • CSHS has added a new site every one to two years.
more about cherry street
More about Cherry Street ….
  • We have four school based sites
    • Creston High School
    • Union High School
    • Ottawa High School
    • Burton Elementary School
  • Grand Rapids Pediatrics, Belknap Commons, Ferguson Adult, and Booth Clinic are all part of a collaborative projects with a variety of partners. These partners would include Spectrum Hospital, Salvation Army, Pine Rest Christian Mental Hospital, Belknap-lookout Neighborhood Association, Dwelling Place, Touchstone – Innovare and Network 180. The sites focus on different neighborhoods, different patient populations.
  • We invite you to explore our website for more information about each location at
We are headed by a Board of Directors that by law requires that the board be made up of over 50% patients with the remaining members to be from the community. Which usually have a background in the healthcare field, business, and or school affiliated.
  • An organizational chart on the next slide should help you with the structure of Cherry Street.
again we welcome you
Again, We Welcome You….
  • Cherry Street Health Services welcomes you to our health care team. Caring for others is more than just a job; it’s a calling. We are COMMITTED to our health care team to ensure they are caring, compassionate and mission focused. We want to be committed to the teams so they can be committed to our patients.
  • If you have questions, concerns, and or ideas to assist us in this mission please do not hesitate to contact one of us………….Again, thank you for becoming a part Cherry Street Health Services.
from human resources
From Human Resources ……
  • The goal of Human Resources is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.
  • We are committed to provide our employees with a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of CSHS. Above all, employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude with the organization that they are expected to share with every CSHS patient/customer.
  • Along with additional customer service training you will receive ….Please read some very important thoughts that we encourage our employees to use in remembering that our patients/customers are an essential part of what we do!
value statement
Spirit –The spirit of our mission helps us to overcome individual occurrences we face on a day to day basis. This spirit ensures each of our efforts are done with excellence.

Personal - Each individual staff person brings their personal best, in both skills and attitude, to work each day. We each stretch beyond our designated responsibilities and take ownership for our actions and the mission of Cherry Street.

Interpersonal Communication - As Cherry Street Health Services staff, we strive daily to improve our communication skills through appropriate use of listening, speaking and body language. This goal is reached by being clear, respecting confidentiality, taking personal accountability, being approachable, sharing only those things we know are true and out to share, having a willingness to ask for help.

Respect – Each individual, support and provider staff, patients, and other individuals are treated with equal respect. This is reflected in our interpersonal communication, our willingness to help others, and our understanding the value of everyone.

Image - Everyone who works with us or receives care from us will recognize our professionalism as the core of our behavior. Cherry Street will always reflect a positive image.

Team-Through mutual support we will ensure the highest quality patient care. This standard will be realized by understanding each others’ personal challenges, being flexible, having patience, anticipating needs, and offering help. Our cooperation will overcome the challenges of working in different locations. We will meet routinely to ensure our most professional performance.

Value Statement


hospitality house rules
Hospitality House Rules
  • Break the ice - Make eye contact. Smile. . introduce yourself . . . call people by name . . . extend a few words of concern
  • Does someone look confused? Stop and try to help.
  • Courtesy - Kind gestures, polite words . . Make people feel special.
  • Explain what you’re doing - People are always less anxious when they know what’s happening.
  • Anticipate - You’ll often know what people want before they have to ask.
  • Act – When people are worried or sick, every minute is an hour…Respond quickly.
  • Privacy and confidentiality - Watch what you say and where you say it. Show respect. .. Knock as you enter.
  • Handle with care - Slow down . . give. . imagine you’re on the receiving end.
hospitality house rules13
Hospitality House Rules
  • Dignity -That patient could be your child, your spouse, your parent. Give choices, close curtains. . See the person.
  • Help - Just because it’s “Not Your Job” doesn’t mean you can’t help or find someone who can.
  • Treat patients as adults - Your words and tone should not insult.
  • Listen - If a person complains, don’t be defensive.
  • Help each other - and you help a patient.
  • Keep it quiet - Noise annoys! It also shows a lack of consideration.
  • Phone Skill - When you’re on the phone, our reputation’s on the line . . sound pleasant . . be helpful . . listen with understanding.
  • Professionalism - You’re part of a long proud medical tradition . . . Look the part.
We look forward to meeting with you at the team orientation located in the Clyde Durham Building @ 540 Cherry Street

See you there!