total sanitation campaign l.
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Total Sanitation Campaign

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Total Sanitation Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Total Sanitation Campaign. Bridging the gap Dr.Rajender Kumar,IAS DDO , Ahmadabad. Setting the Priorities in a Village. Sanitation for all (Individual level) Institutional Toilets (Community level) Solid Waste Management Household Waste Animal Waste Liquid Waste Management Sewerage

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total sanitation campaign

Total Sanitation Campaign

Bridging the gap

Dr.Rajender Kumar,IAS

DDO, Ahmadabad

DDO Ahmedabad

setting the priorities in a village
Setting the Priorities in a Village
  • Sanitation for all (Individual level)
  • Institutional Toilets (Community level)
  • Solid Waste Management
      • Household Waste
      • Animal Waste
  • Liquid Waste Management
      • Sewerage
      • Drainage

DDO Ahmedabad

sanitation for all individual toilets
Sanitation for all (Individual Toilets)
  • Assistance to BPL (TSC) Rs. 2200
  • Assistance to APL (Nirmal Gujarat) Rs. 1250
  • Cost as per Prevailing Market rate Rs. 5500-6500

Gap Analysis

      • APL Rs. 4000-5000
      • BPL Rs. 3000-4000

DDO Ahmedabad

bridging the gap by way of ppp
Bridging the Gap by way of (PPP)
  • 20 Villages of PCPIR area in Vagrataluka Dist. Bharuch

DDO Ahmedabad

contribution of other agencies
Contribution of other Agencies
  • In 14 other villages contribution from different Agencies.
  • For construction of 1681 Toilets 6 Companies under CSR.

DDO Ahmedabad

  • Under TASP Rs. 48.02 lacs were allocated to provide good quality toilet convergence with TSC.
  • Also in many cases convergence was done with MGNREGA (Vehlal Village in Ahmedabad).

DDO Ahmedabad

solid waste management
Solid Waste Management
  • In122 Villages above 3000 population sanitation equipments were given under Jilla Panchayat Swabhandol in 08-09.
  • Eight Villages were planned to be covered under Model Village plan from GNFC funds.
  • 40 lacs used under 12 FC 7over 3 Years.
  • Rest all villages were planned to be covered under Jilla Panchayat Swabhandol, 13th FC, Nirmal Gujarat and TSC.
  • In 80 water shed Villages Vermi compost units were established for proper disposal of animal waste under Water shed.
  • In 9 villages Community based bio-gas plants were sanctioned for better management of animal waste.

DDO Ahmedabad

liquid waste management
Liquid Waste Management
  • 8 Villages indentified as model village were covered under 100% Assistance of GNFC (6 Crore Assistance)
  • 5 Villages to be covered by 100% Assistance from GACL (To be implemented by TERI, planning done in consultation with DDO Office)
  • 14 Villages planned under NREGA (Dhedhal village in Ankleshhwar Completed).
  • 8 Villages planned under Nirmal Gujarat.
  • 4 Villages planned under Rurban scheme.
  • Similarly under ground drainage in Manpura Village of MandalTaluka of Ahmedabad is Completed under MGNREGA

DDO Ahmedabad

  • Sanitation is taken up in all major forums and meetings
  • Involvement of all sections of society namely; elected representatives, panchayats, civil society, government machinery, NGOs, local industrial bodies was ensured.
  • Health staff and Schools and Anganwadi workers are made a permanent stakeholders in IEC and other activities.
  • Smuh Safai Abhiyan was organised in all villages atleast once a month.

DDO Ahmedabad


DDO Ahmedabad