toiletries recipes
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Toiletries Recipes

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Toiletries Recipes. Source: Essence Supply. Silken Linen or Body Powder.

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toiletries recipes

Toiletries Recipes

Source: Essence Supply

silken linen or body powder
Silken Linen or Body Powder

This combination of ingredients make an excellent silky powder.  1/2 cup of arrowroot powder1/4 cup of Kaolin Clay 1/4 cup of Corn Starch15 drops of Fragrance or Essential oilCombine all ingredients and add fragrance to preference.  If you are making this as a body powder, you can use a small bit of pink clay to add just a touch of color. 

edible powder
Edible powder

Here is a recipe using vanilla and honey powder. 1 cup cornstarch 2 cups of arrowroot powder2 tb. vanilla powder 3 tb. honey powder

Arrowroot Powder:

The arrowroot plant tubers are dried, powdered and filtered.  Arrowroot can be used as a thickener in cooking and it can be used interchangeably with Cornstarch.  What makes Arrowroot good for body and linen powders is the look it gives to the other ingredients.   Body powder made with arrowroot almost glows white, a wonderful look.  An interesting note, Arrowroot was used by the South American people to heal the wounds made by poison arrows. 

non greasy hand and body lotion
Non Greasy Hand and Body Lotion

36 grams Jojoba Oil36 grams of another light Oil(we use sweet almond)8  grams of  stearic acid8  grams of glycerin2 grams citric acid20 grams emulsifying wax NF 450 grams distilled waterfragrance or essential oil to preference4 grams Germaben II

Heat all of the ingredients except the Germaben II and the  fragrance, in stages using the microwave.  Try not to over heat the lotion, the hotter it is the longer it takes to emulsify.  Heat until the emulsifying wax just melts.  Let the lotion cool mixing occasionally with a hand blender.  When the lotion has cooled add the Germaben II and the fragrance.  If you add the Germaben II too early it will lose some of it's effectiveness due to the heat.

what the lotion ingredients are for
What the lotion ingredients are for:

Light Oil:  Our first assumption is that oil is the ingredient that moisturizes our skin.  The real truth is that the water in lotion is the ingredient that adds moisture.  The oil  in lotion holds the moisture next to our skin.  Think back to the commercial that put lotion onto a leaf.  After a few minutes the leaf was soft and supple.  Try that with oil

Jojoba oil sinks into your skin very quickly,  too quickly for lotion made with only jojoba oil to be able hold moisture to your skin for long.  Jojoba oil is very similar to our bodies own natural oils.  This makes Jojoba and excellent oil for lotions.

Emulsifying wax  surrounds the water molecule so that the oils will bind with the water

Glycerin is a humicant.  Humicants also help hold moisture to the skin.

Vegetable Stearic Acid is a vegetable based thickener used extensively in lotions.

Citric Acid moves the ph of the lotion closer to the natural ph of your skin.

Germaben II. Lotion is an excellent medium for the growth of yeasts and bacteria.  If no preservatives were used, lotions would only be safe for a matter of weeks.  With natural preservatives you could extend that time a month or two.  Germaben ll is one of the most effective and gentle preservatives.  We use less than one percent of  Germaben ll in our lotions. 

nancy s blend
Nancy's Blend

This is a blend that I created for a friend of mine that has very bad arthritis in her hands.  She wanted something that she could rub in after gardening or just generally a bad day.   She has been using this for a few months and she says it does seem to help.  Add this blend to 450 ml of your favorite oil and rub in.

Lavender     eo        15 ml

Marjoram    eo       10 ml

Eucalyptus  eo          5 mlRosemary    eo          5 mlChamomile  eo          5 mlCajaput        eo          5 ml

pat s salt scrub
Pat's Salt Scrub

4 cups soybean oil4 oz sweet almond oil3 oz sweet orange eo½ oz avocado oil½ oz of peppermint eo1/8 oz of rosemary eo¼ oz of grapefruit eo

Vitamin e or ROE, (be stingy with the ROE, it smells quite strongly)mix all of the ingredients, this makes a lot.  measure out how much salt you want to use and pour and mix the above mixture into the salt until it is the consistency that you like.  This is a very large recipe., you can cut it in half or more if you don't need as much.

lip balm
Lip Balm

56 grams Beeswax70 grams Virgin Coconut Oil42 grams Cocoa Butter56 grams clear Jojoba56 grams Sulfated CastorFlavor to taste

This is the best blend that I have tried. Melt all ingredients and heat in the microwave.   Add flavor and pour into lip balm tube or lip balm pot. 

Coloring TipTry infusing your oils in botanical matter for color.  Alkanet has been used for centuries as lip coloring

lip gloss
Lip Gloss

57 grams Beeswax57 grams Sweet Almond Oil 144 grams Castor oil1/2 oz of honeyFlavor to tasteYou make this the same way you would for Lip Balm, but this is a much softer  product that must be put into a pot as it is too soft to be in a tube.Melt all ingredients and heat in the microwave.   Add flavor and pour into lip balm tube or lip balm pot.

lotion or massage bar
Lotion or Massage Bar

86 grams Beeswax86 grams Cocoa Butter86 grams Jojoba oilScent to tasteUse a mini deodorant tube container for this.  Makes a nice purse size.Melt all ingredients  and add fragrance to the level you like.  Pour into containers.

soothing bath tea
Soothing Bath Tea

A soothing blend of herbs to sooth you.  Try putting these herbs in a muslin bag or a cheesecloth bag and steep in your tub. 2 tablespoons lavender flowers2 tablespoons  chamomile flowers2 tablespoons calendula petals2 tablespoons peppermint leaves

milk and oatmeal bath
Milk and Oatmeal Bath

A soothing scrub for troubled skin.  Tie in a muslin or cheesecloth bag and rub skin while relaxing in a warm bath.

5 tablespoons ground oatmeal2 tablespoons powdered milk2 tablespoons chamomile flowers30 drops lavender eoMix all of the dry ingredients and drop lavender eo while blending the mixture.

eo splash
EO Splash

Use this splash after a shower or bath.100 ml witch hazel100 ml distilled water50 ml alcohol15 ml glycerin1 teaspoon Polysorbate 20 (tween 20)50 drops of your favorite eo blend.The polysorbate 20 is used to blend the essential oils and water, and helps your eo's last.  Mix the eo's and polysorbate and then add to the mixture of other ingredients.

natural perfume oil
Natural Perfume Oil

150 ml sweet almond oil150 ml jojoba oil30 ml eo or fragrance oil30 ml polysorbate 20Rub this on your pulse points for a personal fragrance.