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Music Materials at the Wichita State University Libraries PowerPoint Presentation
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Music Materials at the Wichita State University Libraries

Music Materials at the Wichita State University Libraries

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Music Materials at the Wichita State University Libraries

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  1. Music Materials at the Wichita State University Libraries Rachel Crane Music/Fine Arts Librarian Office hours in Duerksen: Tuesdays 9-12 a.m. and Thursdays 2-5 p.m. Phone: 978-3029 (Music Library) 978-5078 (Ablah Library)

  2. Location of Materials: • Music Library in Duerksen has: • Most of the scores • Most of the sound recordings (music and spoken) • Reference books • Reserve materials • Listening/viewing • Computer terminals

  3. Location of Materials: • Ablah Library has: • Circulating books • Some Scores (M1 –M2’s) • Music Reference section (1st floor) • Reserve Section (with sound recordings that accompany books) • Videos • Periodicals • Study rooms (24 hour study room) • More computer access (some with word processing) and extended hours of operation

  4. Online Resources…

  5. http://library.wichita.eduWSU Library homepage

  6. Following the link to the Interlibrary Loan page…

  7. With Iliad, the interlibrary loan system, you can make your requests for items not found at WSU. (Please allow enough time for your requests to be processed and transferred to the library.)

  8. Sign up for a password at the bottom of the page. If you already have a password, enter your Username and Password in the boxes provided.

  9. To request a journal article, click on the “Request a Photocopy” link. To Request a Book, click on the applicable link.

  10. The interlibrary loan form to request an article from a periodical…

  11. From the library homepage, following the link to the library catalog…

  12. The basic search screen is set to search for the title of an item…Here is a search for the “History of Western Music”:

  13. The search results in a listing of 13 items. In the first record, note the location, indicating which library and on which floor this item will be found. To the right of the location, note the designated call number for the item. As noted by the order of the dates on the far right, the items are not listed in chronological order.

  14. A sample record has more information than the initial listing. Note the description information and subject heading. (If you click on the subject heading link, you will find other items dealing with this same subject.)

  15. From our initial list we can “Post Limit” to try and extract only the sound recordings (with this same title) that the library might own.

  16. In the listings in the “Item Type” area, we can limit for “Musical Sound Recordings” and “Scores.” (Note that videos may be limited through the listing under “Medium.”) You must click on the “Set Limits” button at the bottom of the page or click the “Enter” button on your keyboard to process the search.

  17. After limiting the search to “Musical Sound Recordings” we have a list of 2 items. The fact that they are sound recordings is confirmed by the bracketed designation after the title and by the form of the call number.

  18. The title does not need to be entered in full. You may truncate your entry as in the following search:

  19. Entering “Hard Hitting Songs” results in the record showing the full title: “Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People.”

  20. To search for a Journal title, change the selection in the “Search by” box accordingly:(Note – we have truncated the search by using a “?” which will give us titles ending in all forms of the word “music,” such as musical, musicological, etc..)

  21. Our results list 2 titles. Note the dates given. The “Journal of the American Musicalogical Society” began in 1948, but the library has all volumes from 1948 to the present.

  22. “Recent Issues” are the unbound journals located in the New Periodicals Room on the 1st floor, Ablah Library. The “Volumes Held” area indicated that the Library owns volumes 1 through 54, (1948-2001) bound like books and found on the shelves (in the “stacks”) on the 2nd floor.

  23. Search for an author by inverting the name (last name, first name) and changing the “Seach by” box accordingly.

  24. There are 31 titles by Charles Rosen, the musician, either as an author of a book or as a performer on a recording. If you are unsure of which Charles Rosen is the one you are searching for, follow the links and check the titles. Click on the “See/See Also” link for reference to the name listed in the catalog.

  25. The “See/See Also” button next to “Rosen, Charles Elliott” provides a link:

  26. Limit the list to only books or recordings by clicking on the “Post Limit” button.

  27. We’ve chosen “Book” from the “Item Type list. Be sure to click on either “Set Limits” button, to set your selection.

  28. The following list now presents only books (10 entires), written by Charles Rosen. In this case the “Ablah” location helps to confirmed the titles as books.

  29. We can search for a subject, as in the following search for titles about Berlioz:

  30. 30 titles about Berlioz in general:(Note an item about Berlioz’s “Damnation de Faust” and a “See/See Also” reference which confirms the correct spelling used in the catalog.)

  31. The 31 items about Berlioz do not appear chronologically by publication date.

  32. Is it a ‘4’ or a ‘9’?Can’t read your handwriting or the item is not found on the shelf as expected? Quickly confirm the call number and/or status of the item by entering a distinctive portion of the number:

  33. Here, find a listing of those items beginning with the call number “ML134.B5”:

  34. When you wish to search for something and are unsure about how it might be listed in the catalog or want to combine terms, switch to a “Guided Search” (the middle tab link):(Note: Anything entered in a given field will automatically be searched as a phrase and will be searched for in the contents notes of catalog records. All fields need not be completed. Truncate a term with a question mark, (as in “concert?”), which should yield a search with all possible endings of the word (concerto, concerti, concertino, etc.).

  35. Here we are searching for a sound recording of Mozart’s Piano Concerto, in d minor, K.466:

  36. This list of 29 entries lists scores, books and sound recordings. (Note: record #3 has more than one concerto on a compact disc. Click on the record (“Brief View”) and then the “Long View” of the record, to see which concertos are included here.)

  37. This is record #3, in the default “Brief View”:

  38. This is the REALLY IMPORTANT part…the “Long View”It provides much more information, such as contents and performance/performer information.

  39. The “Guided Search” is especially good for looking up individual song or aria titles…

  40. And from the “Long View”…

  41. Also works well for titles of a popular nature…

  42. And in the “Long View”…

  43. Items found in the Reserve sections of the libraries…(found under the 3rd tab – use the pull-down menus)

  44. Professor King has 18 items on reserve here. Note the location. They are located in the Music Library, in Duerksen.

  45. Up Next: Online Databases and Other Web Resources See: Music Materials at the Library, Part II To Return to the Music Library page Click Here.