Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo PowerPoint Presentation
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Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo

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Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo
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Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo

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  1. Thomas A. DeFanti, Maxine Brown Principal Investigators, STAR TAP Linda Winkler, Andy Schmidt, Bill Nickless, Alan Verlo STAR TAP Engineering Joe Mambretti, Tim Ward StarLight Facilities

  2. STAR TAP and StarLight • STAR TAP: Premier operational cross-connect of the world's high-performance academic networks 45-622Mb         • StarLight: Next-generation cutting-edge optical evolution of STAR TAP connecting experimental networks 1-10Gb • Funded by CISE ANIR, EIA and ACIR infrastructure grants to UIC (and NU) • Substantial support by Argonne MCS

  3. STAR TAP ConnectionsScience Technology And Research Transit Access Point Canada Japan Korea (2) Taiwan Singapore (2) Australia (2) China Norway Iceland Sweden Finland Denmark Russia France Netherlands CERN Israel Ireland Belgium Europe/DANTE United Kingdom Chile, Brazil ANSP, Brazil RNP, Mexico US: Abilene, DREN, ESnet, NISN, NREN, vBNS/vBNS+ (Abilene ITN) (CA*net3 ITN)

  4. STAR TAP is the International Component of US Government Agency Research Networks • DREN DOD Research & Education Network • ESnet DOE Energy Science Research network • NREN NASA Research & Education Network • NISN NASA Information Science Network • vBNS NSF very-high-speed Backbone Network Service

  5. Internet2/Abilene is Deeply Connected to STAR TAP • Abilene, the Internet2 backbone network, interconnects at STAR TAP via OC-12. A new OC-48 core router is being installed at the Qwest PoP in Chicago. • Two GigE circuits are being built for StarLight, one for MREN and one for SURFnet. • Abilene’s ITN helped the US complete global connectivity • Global NOC services are at Indiana University

  6. STAR TAP is part of the SBC/Ameritech Chicago NAP • ATM switch for 100+ ISPs • Peaks to 6Gb/s load • Port speed maximum is OC12c • Co-location: 2 racks for STAR TAP and TransPAC equipment

  7. STAR TAP Engineering Advanced Services • IPv6 Router (“6TAP” with ESnet) • Multicast • Globus Middleware/Grid Services Package (with Argonne/ISI) • Network Measurement (NLANR AMP) • Web Caching (NLANR) • QoS testbeds • Experimental protocols for high-bandwidth applications • Migration to StarLight facility has begun to simplify access and provide more rack space

  8. Team Building: iGrid 2000 at INET 2000July 18-21, 2000, Yokohama, Japan • 14 regions: Canada, CERN, Germany, Greece, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, USA • 24 demonstrations featuring technical innovations in tele-immersion, large datasets, distributed computing, remote instrumentation, collaboration, streaming media, human/computer interfaces, digital video and high-definition television, and grid architecture development, and application advancements in science, engineering, cultural heritage, distance education, media communications, and art and architecture

  9. Who is StarLight? StarLight is jointly managed and engineered by • International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University • Joe Mambretti, David Carr and Tim Ward • Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois at Chicago • Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Andy Schmidt, Jason Leigh, Cliff Nelson, and Alan Verlo • Mathematics and Computer Science Division (MCS) , Argonne National Laboratory • Linda Winkler and Bill Nickless; Rick Stevens and Charlie Catlett

  10. What is StarLight? StarLight is an experimental optical infrastructure and proving ground for network services optimized for high-performance applications StarLight Leverages $32M (FY2002-3) in experimental networks (I-WIRE, TeraGrid, OMNInet, SURFnet, CA*net4, DataTAG) 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Abbott Hall, Northwestern University Chicago view from 710

  11. StarLight Infrastructure • StarLight isa largeresearch-friendlyco-location facility with space, power and fiber that is being made available to university and national/international network collaborators as a point of presence in Chicago

  12. StarLight Carriers • Currently Present: • Ameritech • AT&T • Qwest • Global Crossing • Soon to be Installed: • Teleglobe

  13. StarLight Infrastructure • StarLight isa production GigE and trial 10GigE switch/router facility for high-performance access to participating networks

  14. StarLight is Operational Equipment at StarLight • StarLight Equipment installed: • Cisco 6509 with GigE • IPv6 Router • Juniper M10 (GigE and OC-12 interfaces) • Cisco LS1010 with OC-12 interfaces • Data mining cluster with GigE NICs • Visualization/video server cluster (on order) • SURFnet’s 12000 GSR • Multiple vendor plans for 10GigE, DWDM and Optical Switch/Routing in the future

  15. StarLight Connections • STAR TAP (NAP) connection with two OC-12c ATM circuits • The Netherlands (SURFnet) has two OC-12c POS from Amsterdam and a 2.5Gbps OC-48 to StarLight this month • Abilene will soon connect via two GigE circuits • Canada (CA*net3/4) is connected via GigE, soon 10GigE • I-WIRE, a State-of-Illinois-funded dark-fiber multi-10GigE DWDM effort involving Illinois research institutions is being built. 36 strands to the Qwest Chicago PoP are in. • NSF TeraGrid (DTF) 4x10GigE network being engineered by PACI and Qwest. • NORDUnet is now sharing StarLight’s OC-12 ATM connection • TransPAC/APAN is bringing in an OC-12, later an OC-48 • CERN’s OC-48 is in the advanced funding stages

  16. StarLight Middleware Partnerships • Provide tools and techniques for (university) customer-controlled 10 Gigabit network flows • Build general control mechanisms from emerging toolkits, such as Globus, for Grid network resource access and allocation services • Test a range of new tools, such as GMPLS and OBGP, for designing, configuring and managing optical networks and their components • Create a new generation of tools for appropriate monitoring and measurements at multiple levels

  17. Coming….. i Grid2oo2 September, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Grid-Intensive Application Control of Lambda- Switched Networks University of Illinois at Chicago and Indiana University in collaboration with The GigaPort Project and SURFnet5 of The Netherlands Maxine Brown STAR TAP/StarLight co-Principal Investigator Associate Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory A showcase of applications that are “early adopters” of very high bandwidth national and international networks

  18. iGrid 2002 (proposed)September 2002, Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre Trans-Atlantic Real-Time Simulation Steering and High-Resolution Collaborative Visualization Over Optical Networks • Vrije Universiteit • Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC

  19. iGrid 2002 (proposed)September 2002, Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre Visual Tera Mining • Laboratory for Advanced Computing, UIC • Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC Visualize multiples of gigabytes of data in near real time.

  20. iGrid 2002 (proposed)September 2002, Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre TeraVision: Visualization Streaming over Optical Networks • SARA and Vrije University • Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC Stream pre-rendered high-resolution graphics from EVL to SARA to see Gigabit-level graphics streaming between continents. TeraVision will demonstrate tiled cluster-to-cluster graphics streaming. This image, from SC’99, depicts the University of Minnesota’s PowerWall running an interactive collaboration developed by UIC and the US DoE ASCI project.

  21. iGrid 2002 (proposed)September 2002, Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre Terra Wide Data Mining Testbed (TWDM) • Laboratory for Advanced Computing, UIC • Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada • Imperial College, London, UK • SARA, The Netherlands The Terra Mining Testbed (TMTB) uses high-performance clusters linked by wide-area high-performance networks to provide the data and compute services required.

  22. iGrid 2002 (proposed)September 2002, Amsterdam Science and Technology Centre • Others • Wavelength Disk Drives (WDD) and NetRAM (Canada, USA) • Storage Wide Area Network, SDSC/NCSA • EU DataGrid and DataTAG (UK, CERN, USA) • Astronomy/Radio Telescopes (Japan, USA) • Molecular Biology (USA, Sweden)

  23. “Bring Us Your Lambdas!”

  24. StarLight Thanks • StarLight planning, research, collaborations, and outreach efforts at the University of Illinois at Chicago are made possible, in part, by funding from: • National Science Foundation (NSF) awards ANI-9980480, ANI-9730202, EIA-9802090, EIA-9871058, and EIA-0115809 • NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI) cooperative agreement ACI-9619019 to the National Computational Science Alliance • State of Illinois I-WIRE Program, and UIC cost sharing • Northwestern University for providing space, engineering and management • Argonne National Laboratory for StarLight and I-WIRE network engineering and planning leadership • NSF/ANIR, Kees Neggers of SURFnet, Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE, and Olivier Martin and Harvey Newman of CERN for global optical networking leadership; • NSF/ACIR and NCSA/SDSC for DTF/TeraGrid opportunities • UCAID/Abilene for Internet2 and their ITN • CA*net4 and CENIC/Pacific Light Wave for planned North America and West Coast transit