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  2. Philosophy • Athletics are an integral part of the total educational process. Student-athletes not only represent their school and community in the classroom, but also in athletic form. • Evidence from the United States Department of Education shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities have more consistent attendance, academic achievement and higher aspirations.

  3. Requirements to Participate 1. Completed Registration:FormReLeaf.com 2. Current Sports Physical 3. Minimum of a 2.0 GPA * Previous Quarter **Incoming 9th Graders Exempt (Fall)

  4. Expectations… • Coaches will set team rules and goals. • Athletes and Coaches are expected to participate in all games and practices. • Athletics is a character building activity • It is always Academics FIRST! • Athletes will attend and be Prompt to ALL classes.

  5. Chain of Command • Head Coach of Sport • Athletic Director • Assistant Principal • Principal • Office of Athletics

  6. Transportation • All athletes must ride to and from away games unless you have a signed letter approved by AD and Principal 24 hours before the game. • ONLY PARENTS may pick up their Child.

  7. Coaches Contact- Fall 2018 • Football • Tarrell Lockwood • tarrell.lockwood@pgcps.org • Boys’ Soccer • Jeremey Troutman • Jeremey.troutman@pgcps.org • Girls’ Soccer • Shawn Mitchell • shawn.mitchell@pgcps.org • Volleyball • Ashley Horn • ashley.horn@pgcps.org • Golf • Dante Marshall • dante.marshall@pgcps.org • Cheerleading • Rosslyn Burrs • rrfernandez86@yahoo.com • Cross Country • Deborah Reid • deborah_r53@hotmail.com • Corollary Softball • Laurie Hunt • lhunt@pgcps.org

  8. Coaches Contact- WINTER 2018 - 2019 • Boys’ Basketball • Terrence Norris • terrence.norris@pgcps.org • Girls’ Basketball • Greg Jennings • gregory.jennings@pgcps.org • Wrestling • Nigel Cross • nigel.cross@pgcps.org • Indoor Track • Deborah Reid • deborah_r53@hotmail.com • Swimming • Malka Ostchega • malka.ostchega@pgcps.org • Cheerleading • Rosslyn Burrs • rrfernandez86@yahoo.com • Unified Bocce • Laurie Hunt • lhunt@pgcps.org

  9. Coaches Contact- SPRING 2019 • Baseball • Russell Brotz • russell.brotz@pgcps.org • Softball • Laurie Hunt • lhunt@pgcps.org • Boys’ Outdoor Track • Jermaine Davis • jermaine.davis@pgcps.org • Girls’ Outdoor Track • Deborah Reid • deborah_r53@hotmail.com • Tennis • Jesse Holt • jesseholtjr@yahoo.com • Corollary Track • Gerard Yavo • gerard.yavo@pgcps.org • Boys’ Lacrosse • Byron Ware • bjware@pgcps.org • Girls’ Lacrosse • John O’Hara • john.ohara@pgcps.org

  10. Contact Info • Robert Langway • Phone Number: 301-918-8600 • Email: robert.langway@pgcps.org


  12. NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE OVERVIEW • What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? • The clearinghouse evaluates students courses, grades, and tests cores to determine whether students meet the prescribed minimum academic requirements to play in the NCAA • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration: • All student athletes that have aspirations of participating in Division I or II athletics MUST register • www.ncaaclearinghouse.net • The best time to register is during ones Junior Year • Cost - $50.00 Registration Fee • The cost can be waived if your receive free or reduced lunch and you have used an SAT or ACT waiver (See your counselor) • An official transcript for each high school attended is required for registration • The clearinghouse will provide eligibility information only to college and universities that request your academic information. • Clearinghouse certification is not the same as college admission. Initial-eligibility certification from the clearinghouse does not guarantee you admission to any Division I or II university.

  13. CLEARINGHOUSE ELIGIBILITY & ADMISSION • Admission to an NCAA college or university is NOT the same as NCAA initial eligibility • Each institution decides which students are to be admitted, based on its admission criteria. • A student-athlete who meets NCAA initial eligibility standards, may not be admitted to the institution. Likewise, a students-athlete who gains admission to a college or university may not meet NCAA initial eligibility standards.

  14. CORE COURSE REQUIREMENTS • A list of NCAA approved Core Courses can be found at www.ncaaclearinghouse.net • Eighth grade courses DO NOT satisfy initial eligibility requirements • Courses taken after a student’s eighth semester (fourth year) of high school will NOT satisfy Division I eligibility requirements. However, for Division II schools, all core courses completed after high school but before initial full-time enrollment in college may meet NCAA requirements.

  15. DIVISION I STANDARDS • Overview: • NCAA Division I will require 10 core courses to be completed prior to the seventh semester • Seven of the ten must be a combination of English, Math, or Natural/Physical Science • These ten courses become “locked in” at the seventh semester ad cannot be retaken for grade improvement • Beginning in August 1, 2016 it will be possible for Division I college-bound student-athletes to still receive athletic aid and the ability to practice with the team if he or she fails the 10 course requirement, but would not be able to compete. • Sliding Scales – Eligibility Requirements for GPA (Aid & Practice), GPA (Competitions), SAT, & ACT: • Sliding Scale A: Division I students enrolling full time before August 1, 2016 should use sliding scale A to determine eligibility to receive athletic aid, practice and completion during the first year • Sliding Scale B: Division I GPA required to receive athletic aid and practice on or after August 1, 2016 is a 2.0 (corresponding test score requirements are listing on sliding scale B). Division I GPA required to be eligible for competition on or after August 1, 2016 is 2.3 (corresponding test score requirements are listed on sliding scale B) • 16 Core Courses Required… • 4 Years English • 3 Years Math • 2 Years Science • 1 Year Additional • (English, Math, or Science) • 2 Years Social Science • 4 Years Additional Courses • (Any Area Above, Foreign Language, or Religion/Philosophy)

  16. NEW NCAA DIVISION 1 ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS • The initial eligibility standards for NCAA Division I college-bound student-athletes are changing. • The changes will affect college-bound student-athletes first entering a Division I college or university on or after august 1, 2016 • Clearinghouse Classifications… • Full Qualifier • Academic Red-Shirt • Non-Qualifier

  17. WHAT IS A FULL QUALIFIER? • A college-bound student-athlete may receive athletic aid (scholarship), practice, and compete in the first year of enrollment at a Division I college or university. • The requirements for full qualification are that a student-athlete must: • Complete 16 Core Courses • 10 of the 16 courses MUST be completed before the seventh semester (senior year) of high school. • 7 of the 10 courses MUST be English, Math, or Science • Have a minimum core course GPA of a 2.3. • Grades earned in the 10 required courses required before the senior year are “locked in” for purposes of GPA calculation. • A repeat of the one “locked in” courses will not be used to improve the GPA if taken after the seventh semester begins. • Meet the competition sliding scale requirement of GPA and ACT/SAT score (this is a new scale with increased GPA/Test Score Requirements) • High School Graduate

  18. WHAT IS AN ACADEMIC RED-SHIRT? • A college-bound student-athlete may receive athletic aid (scholarship) in the first year of enrollment and may practice in the first regular academic term (semester or quarter)but may NOT compete in the first year of enrollment. • After the first term is complete, the college-bound student-athlete MUST be academically successful at his/her college or university to continue to practice for the rest of the year. • The requirements for academic redshirt are that a student-athlete: • Completes 16 Core Courses • Have a minimum core course GPA of 2.0 • Meet the academic redshirt sliding scale requirement of GPA and ACT/SAT score. • High School Graduate

  19. WHAT IS A NON-QUALIFIER? • If you DO NOT meet the requirements, you: • May NOT participate in athletic competitions or practices during your first year in college • May receive financial aid based only on need (not athletic-based financial aid) • May only play three seasons

  20. DIVISION II STANDARDS • Overview: • The minimum core GPA is 2.0. • The minimum SAT is 820 (Verbal & Math Only) • The minimum ACT sum score is 68 • 16 Core Courses Required: • 3 Years English • 2 Years Math • 2 Years Science • 3 Years Additional • (English, Math, or Science) • 2 Years Social Science • 4 Years Additional • (Any Area Above, Foreign Language, or Religion/Philosophy)

  21. WHAT IS A PARTIAL QUALIFIER? • The designation of a “Partial Qualifier” is only used at the Division II Level. • It designates an individual who has met part of the academic requirements but not ALL. • A “Partial Qualifier” may practice on campus and receive financial aid, but can’t compete for one academic year. However, you may complete for the fours seasons remaining.