sexuality over the lifespan l.
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Sexuality over the Lifespan

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Sexuality over the Lifespan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sexuality over the Lifespan. Rhonda Martin, MS, RN The University of Tulsa. Infant & Childhood Sexuality. sensual pleasure - touch “cutaneous phase” foundation for further stages of growth nonverbal communication gender role - “toys” curiosity masturbation sexplay.

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sexuality over the lifespan

Sexuality over the Lifespan

Rhonda Martin, MS, RN

The University of Tulsa

infant childhood sexuality
Infant & Childhood Sexuality
  • sensual pleasure - touch

“cutaneous phase”

  • foundation for further stages of growth
  • nonverbal communication
  • gender role - “toys”
  • curiosity
  • masturbation
  • sexplay
sexuality in adolescence
Sexuality in Adolescence
  • physical changes during puberty
    • secondary sex characteristics
    • begin @ 9-14 girls, growth spurt, breast development, hair growth, menstruation, feel awkward, embarrassed, insecure
    • begin @ 11-14 boys, growth spurt, hand & foot and muscle mass, voice deepening, hair growth, scrotal development, ejaculation
sexuality in adolescence4
Sexuality in Adolescence
  • psychosexual development - although physically mature, still learning how to handle gender and social roles, and sexual scripts.
  • peer influence
  • parental influence
    • “inoculation boosters”
    • self-worth, self-esteem
  • media
adolescent sexual behavior
Adolescent Sexual Behavior
  • masturbation
  • petting (first base)
  • first intercourse
  • AIDS effect on behavior
  • homosexuality
adolescent sexual behavior6
Adolescent Sexual Behavior
  • teen pregnancy
  • contraception
  • methods to decrease teen pregnancy
  • sex education
androgynous childrearing
Androgynous Childrearing
  • Toys
  • encourage - human 1st, then  or 
  • parental modeling
sexuality in early adulthood
Sexuality in Early Adulthood
  • developmental concerns
    • establishing sexual orientation
    • integrating love & sex
    • forging intimacy & making commitments
    • making fertility/childbearing choices
    • evolving a sexual philosophy
sexuality in early adulthood9
Sexuality in Early Adulthood
  • premarital sexuality
    • delayed first marriage
    • being “single”
    • abstinence standard
    • cohabitation
discussion questions
Discussion Questions
  • What did you learn about sexuality during childhood from parents, peers, media, school, religion?
  • What did parents do to restrain/encourage sexual activities in grade school, junior-high, high school, college?
discussion questions11
Discussion Questions
  • At what age should children be taught about heterosexuality, homosexuality, contraception, teen pregnancy?
  • Indicate the motivation for extra-relational sex. Consider age, culture, ethnic, and gender implications.
discussion questions12
Discussion Questions
  • At what age are these acceptable for females and males: holding hands, kissing, petting, oral sex, masturbation, sexual intercourse, and anal sex?
  • Review suggestions to reduce teen pregnancy in the text (pg. 398-399). Discuss: would they work? Which would be most effective? Will any be implemented soon? Or are being used in your community? Would you support the implementation of these and how?