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Rabindranath Tagore:. A genius who was born 150 years ago in India. 2011 marks Tagore’s 150 th birth anniversary. As this 150 th birth anniversary nears Tagore remains largely unknown to audiences in North America But many of Tagore’s thoughts and messages are very meaningful for us today.

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rabindranath tagore

Rabindranath Tagore:

A genius who was born 150 years ago in India

2011 marks tagore s 150 th birth anniversary
2011 marks Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary
  • As this 150th birth anniversary nears Tagore remains largely unknown to audiences in North America
  • But many of Tagore’s thoughts and messages are very meaningful for us today

Rabindranath Tagore:

the first non-European ever to win the Nobel Prize in 1913

We will call him Tagore

Let us learn a little about him

who was tagore
Who was Tagore?
  • Tagore born in India in 1861
  • He was a genius who could do almost everything: he was a poet, a playwright, a novelist, a painter, a composer, a philosopher and a strong voice against injustice
  • He is the author and composer of the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh
  • He inspired everyone who came in contact with him, including Mahatma Gandhi
tagore s life in brief
Tagore’s life in brief
  • Born in India in 1861
  • He was educated at home
  • He wrote in almost every literary form: he produced 50 volumes of poetry, composed some 2200 songs and became a prolific painter at age 60
  • He also wrote on philosophy, politics, and social injustice
  • Tagore was very critical of the schooling system and founded his own school and university
  • Tagore was a major figure in India’s struggle to free itself from British rule
tagore s life continued
Tagore’s life (continued..)
  • Tagore travelled and lectured extensively in the West
  • He has been translated into all major languages; into English, he was translated by the famous poet William Butler Yeats
  • Tagore was awarded the

Nobel Prize for literature

in 1913

  • Tagore died in 1941

Express yourself:

There is creativity in all of us

Take courage and be who you are, express yourself, let the world say what it wishes


Be fearless:

Fight for what you believe in

“If no one answers your call, walk alone

If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall... open thy mind and speak out alone ...”

Tagore’s famous song that inspired Gandhi. Tagore is the one who first called him “Mahatma”, (the great soul). Gandhi called Tagore ‘the great sentinel’


Embrace nature:

humanity and nature

are inseparable


“I feel that once upon a time I was at one with the rest of the earth, that grass grew green upon me, that the autumn sun fell on me and under its rays the warm scent of youth wafted from every pore of my far-flung evergreen body...”


Tagore saw unlimited creative potential in all human beings

He wished to see every person fulfil this potential

As he said....


"may you rise like the sun from behind the mists...may the universe find in you the wonder it has marvelled at forever..”