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Surgery Theatre

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Surgery Theatre The Journey High end mid-size presentation conference area for HUP’s academic mission Convenient Historic Location where OLD meets NEW Multiple Outstanding Individuals = Chaos Manor Out of Chaos, the team produced the: SURGERY THEATRE SwitchLite Glass

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the journey
The Journey
  • High end mid-size presentation conference area for HUP’s academic mission
  • Convenient Historic Location where OLD meets NEW
  • Multiple Outstanding Individuals

= Chaos Manor

  • Out of Chaos, the team produced the:
switchlite glass
SwitchLite Glass
  • The secret of the transformation between clear glass and translucent glass is found in the Liquid Crystal sheet.
  • Non-energized state > Liquid Crystal molecules disperse light.
  • When voltage is applied, same molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction in a way that permits parallel light to pass through the glass.
  • Power on = glass is clear
  • Power off = glass is only translucent
  • Privacy at the speed of light
  • No messy blinds, curtains, shades
  • DEMO
lutron lighting system
Lutron Lighting System
  • Switch from one lighting combination to another, just by pressing a button
  • Create different lighting scenes within any space by controlling lighting zones
  • Change lighting for one activity to next by fading from scene to scene at variable rates: from instantly to one hour
  • Infrared wireless remote control puts lighting control in the hands of the user from any point in a room
  • Video-Conferencing lights
  • DEMO
historic roots journey
Historic Roots/Journey
  • White Surgical Pavilion – 1922
    • Main HUP Entrance Lobby
  • Surgical Seminar Room – 1962
    • HUP entrance shifts to Ravdin Institute
  • Demolition / Construction
technology overview visual sound
  • Audio and video presentation capabilities
  • Audio only teleconferencing
  • Audio and videoconferencing
  • Collaborative computing capabilities
  • Room geometry requires special attention in system design:
    • Front wall Primary System display
    • 2 Supplemental System displays
  • Program audio and voice reinforcement subsystem.
  • Centralized control system with graphical user interface.
  • Video and audio teleconferencing subsystems
  • Central signal routing and distribution sub system.
  • Video camera subsystems
61 plasma screens
61” Plasma Screens
  • HDTV capable
  • reproduction of local video program sources as well as “motion-receive” video from the far end
  • Direct view device utilizing a native 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Pixel density in 16:9 is 1365 x 768 pixels
  • Viewing angle is 160 degrees vert & horiz
surround program audio
Surround Program Audio
  • Full range 5.1 theater surround capability
  • Subwoofer and satellite configuration
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Immerses the participants in a high impact audio environment
ancillary program sources
Ancillary Program Sources
  • Pre-recorded program reproduction:
    • NTSC VHS VCR recorder player
    • NTSC DVD video player
    • NTSC DVD video recorder player
  • DEMO
program audio and voice reinforcement subsystem
Program Audio And Voice Reinforcement Subsystem
  • Ceiling distributed loudspeaker subsystem for:
    • Voice reinforcement of local participants.
    • Reproduction of audio conference and audio for videoconference receive audio.
    • Reproduction of program audio.
  • Full range flush ceiling mounted loudspeakers zoned for good speech intelligibility
  • Microphones for presentation
    • Podium has 2 detachable gooseneck microphones
    • Four wireless hand-held directional microphone systems for coverage of the audience when participating
    • Body pack and lapel microphone wireless system
centralized control system with graphical user interface
Centralized Control System with Graphical User Interface
  • Automated system configuration functions which enable user selected graphic interface operation
  • GUI is the user’s window to the system’s operation - custom programmed to meet the user’s functional requirements
  • GUI is a touch sensitive color graphics display panel using graphic icons, intuitive page flips, and a menu structure
  • Simplifies the otherwise complex process of system configuration needed to achieve user requested operations.
  • GUI also contains full screen or windowed video reproduction capability allowing user to preview all video sources
video camera subsystem
Video Camera Subsystem
    • video coverage of the presentation area
    • Manually controlled by the user from the control system
    • User defined presets
    • video coverage of the audience area
    • manually controlled by the user from the control system
    • User defined presets
    • show opaque and transparent printed information and small 3D objects
video and audio teleconferencing
Video and Audio Teleconferencing
  • Audio only teleconferencing
  • Video/Audio teleconferencing
  • video codec enables video and audio conferencing to remote locations
    • ISDN dialup service
    • video over IP
  • codec is interfaced to the control system enabling dialing and other user operations from the central control system GUI
  • DEMO
computer applications
Computer Applications
  • Two theatre computers supplying content :
    • Main presentations
    • Corridor Display Screen
  • End seats have HUP LAN jacks and power outlets
  • 3 ACCESS POINTS in ceiling for HUP Wireless LAN
irwin seating
Irwin Seating
  • Largest manufacture of public seating
  • Sole business
  • First Union Center, Kimmel Center
  • Eagles NovaCare Facility
  • Tested by the Eagles Offensive Line
inter active polling
Inter-Active Polling
  • Anonymous RF remote communication
  • If indecisive, the LAST click counts
  • Immediate view of results
  • Database capture
  • DEMO