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OvidSP Update PowerPoint Presentation
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OvidSP Update

OvidSP Update

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OvidSP Update

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  1. OHLA AGM OvidSP Update Andrew Short February, 2008

  2. Quick Agenda • OvidSP Update • Interesting Facts and Figures • Year-end Promotions for Hospital Libraries

  3. OvidSP Update Only 3 More Days Until Ovid Gateway is Retired! (Feb 4th)

  4. OvidSP Late Breaking News…. Ovid Syntax • “Advanced Ovid Search” tab • Experienced or expert searchers – familiar with command line syntax • Searching in controlled vocabulary databases • For a comprehensive search of the literature New New New New

  5. OvidSP: Things to Look Forward To… • Point Release in April (R1.1) • Stop the jumping when results brought back • MARC Records • Annotations for Endnote/Refworks • Localization of the interface + More • New Release in July (R2.0) • New features, same basic interface • Details “Top Secret”

  6. OvidSP Discussion Forums… • The Krafty Librarian: • Online Tutorials and Handouts to OvidSP from Other Libraries – with links to some terrific librarian-created OvidSP materials • OvidSP Switch Fast Approaching • MEDLIB-L: • Very active about OvidSP in early January on the subjects of migration and communication to the library community – • Debate on the time & place for Natural Language searching referencing the OvidSP implementation of Basic Search:

  7. OvidSP Discussion Forums… • UBC Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog: • Dean Giustini of the UBC has been especially active posting about OvidSP, posting thought-provoking articles: • New OvidSP Interface – Five (5) Pros & Cons, Part I • Interrogating OvidSP as Paradigm-Shift • Irreproducibility? – OvidSP Basic Search • The Distant Librarian: • The Distant Librarian prepared online tutorial on using EZProxy to customize OvidSP tab names – see

  8. OvidSP: Things to Remember… • Basic Search tab • Search preference is for using natural language or entering a full query • Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a ‘quick and relevant’ search - designed to find the relevant results, not all results • Anything less than a 4 star result is probably not relevant so do NOT get caught up in the number or results returned (we only bring back a target of 500) • Beyond a search for the Novice/Google user, view it as another tool you have to help you with your daily job • Great for Validation • Great for Discovery • Better Multi-file Searching • Find More at: Basic Search

  9. OvidSP: Fun with Basic Search… • Library Juice- Amusing Searches: • • “social factors with chocolate chip cookies” {Medline and PsycINFO} • “bovine growth hormone girls” {Biosis Previews}

  10. Prizes for Participants! Ovid Facts and Figures Examples: Top Bioscience Database Pharmacy & Pharmacology • Journals (increases 19-41%) • Anesthesiology • Anesthesia & Analgesia • Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology • Drugs • Anti-Cancer Drugs • Embase- 13% Increase in Subscriptions

  11. Nursing Journals (increases 2-26%) AJN Journal of Advanced Nursing JONA American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Nursing Research Books (increases 5-15%) Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice Nursing Care Plans & Documentation Lippincott’s Nursing Drug Guide Cardiac Nursing Lippincott’s Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans Top 5 Lists Clinical Research • Journals (increases 5-94%) • JAMA • Circulation • Spine • AIDS • NEJM • Books (increases 0-63%) • Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine • Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology • Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary Tract • Oxford Textbook of Medicine • Diabetes Mellitus: A Fundamental and Clinical Text

  12. Neurology & Neurosciences Journals (increases 23-80%) NeuroReport Neurology Stroke Neurosurgery Current Opinion in Neurology Books (increases 0-39%) Merritt’s Neurology Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology Child Neurology Brain’s Diseases of the Nervous System Manual of Neurologic Therapeutics Top 5 Lists Psychology • Journals (increases 1-32%) • PsycARTICLES • Archives of General Psychiatry • Current Opinion in Psychiatry • Psychosomatic Medicine • Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psych • Books (increases 3-5%) • Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry • New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: A Comprehensive Textbook • Substance Abuse • Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy

  13. Something to Remember & Last Chance to Win: • Did you know that when you subscribe to a journal or journal collection with Ovid you get: • 5-10 years of backfiles (in most cases) • Archival rights for 99% of our journals • if you stop subscribing due to budget or usage, as long as you maintain a subscription to Ovid, you don’t lose access to past yrs • Last Question: Name a new journal collection/product that Ovid introduced last year? New • Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus • collection of 45 LWW nursing journals and the nursing index broken out of Medline and searchable on its own) • LWW Legacy Archive- Slice and Dice • 7 Topical Subsets or • Any Individual Journal • ADIS Journal Archive • Full text backfiles of 31 key biotechnology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical and toxicology journals and newsletters from Adis International, the leading publisher in the field New New

  14. Hospital Year-end Promotions Overview of Each Promotion Available at the Front of the Room, Please Grab One Before You Leave!

  15. End of Fiscal Year Offers for OHLA Members • eBook Package for Hospital Libraries- 41 eBooks (Purchase a Specific Edition in Perpetuity) • Price is between $2050 USD (small hospital) and $2560 USD (medium hospital) • Ongoing hosting fee of $100-$125 each year after (for the whole collection) • Archive Slice and Dice Package for Hospital Libraries • At least 5 Hospitals must buy the Nursing Archive at $7500 USD each (if more buy, this price will be amortized downwards based on the number of participants) • Once this base is established any other archive slice beyond the Nursing Archive or the High Impact Collection can be bought for $4150/slice • Ongoing hosting fee of $275-$400 each year after for each individual slice purchased 90% Discount 55% Discount

  16. Enjoy the Reception! • I Look Forward to Working with Everyone in the Coming Year!!! • Ovid Thanks You for Your Business and Support!!!