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MARKETPLACE INVESTMENT FUND. 308 East Bay Street P.O. Box N 10846 Nassau, Bahamas. MARKETPLACE INVESTMENT FUND. Fact Sheet Management Advisory Team Investment Philosophy Our approach - Risk management Trading strategy Details on the Fund Taxation. 1. Fact Sheet.

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308 East Bay Street

P.O. Box N 10846

Nassau, Bahamas


Fact Sheet


Advisory Team

Investment Philosophy

Our approach - Risk management

Trading strategy

Details on the Fund


1. Fact Sheet

Fund name: Marketplace Investment Fund Ltd.

Strategy: Focus on European and US stocks markets. Strategies may involve half-hour trading, management of volatility and markets fluctuations by engaging in transactions on options. Use of a proprietary technical analysis.

Target Performance: Achieve positive absolute returns in all market conditions over an extended time horizon by reducing risk through lower volatility.

Investment Manager: Marketplace Management Ltd, Bahamas

Incorporation Date: July 22nd 2004

2. Management

Board of Directors: AND Limited and ACD Limited have been appointed as the initial directors of the Fund.

Investment Manager: Marketplace management Ltd has been appointed as the Investment Manager of the Fund Director of Management company is Noble Services LLC, New York, USA.

Administrator: Arner Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd. has been appointed as Administrator, Registrar and Transfer Agent for the Fund under the terms of an Administration Agreement.

3. Advisory Team

Marcus Custance

M. Custance has been a Senior Investment Professional with Prudential Securities, Lehman Brothers, Dean Witter Reynolds, Union Investment Management and Man Financial Ltd, and has significant experience of all aspects of alternative investment trading, risk, compliance and sales. Marcus has spent time with well-known ‘Market Wizards’ and learnt how many Fund Managers control risk and performance, to best serve the client: he brings to the fund an unparalleled level of technical and market expertise. After twenty years in major Brokerage Houses, where he executed trades for some of the well-known hedge and future funds, as well as High Net Worth Individuals, M. Custance achieved a unique perspective of floor trading and office dealing, and was able to construct a methodology that would stand the test of time and the switch from floor to screen based trading.M. Custance has been 2nd ranked World Wide Alternative Investment Manager for Qtr 4 2001 and 5th for Year 2001 and 1st Ranked within the specific “diversified managed futures” by Nelsons for four quarters ending March 2002 period.

3. Advisory Team

Laurent Meyer

After a degree in Economic and Social Science at Geneva University in 1986, holding Swiss nationality, L. Meyer started his experience in financial markets in 1986 working with a brokerage firm in London, Discount Broker International. Then in 1987, he joined Management Joint Trust as a consultant and market advisor to financial institutions: using risk and timing analysis on most financial markets (stocks, currencies, rates, indices and commodities) he provided advisory and support to clients, mostly banks and portfolio managers. In 2002, he developed his own trading system to manage private accounts and started to collaborate with Trigone Capital Finance, a prime brokerage firm in Geneva, to provide advisory services to their clients. His trading system is based on cycle analysis for timing purposes on different investment time horizon, supported with Elliot wave analysis and with a proprietary tool for risk and timing analysis called DDS (Dynamic Decision System).

3. Advisory Team

Riccardo Cornacchia

R. Cornacchia was formerly President of Major Markets srl (a Commissionaria in Valori Mobiliari in Italy), he was responsible of market analysis and part of the trading team on Italian and US markets, including the option conversion market, a highly specialized sector. He was then part of Dean Witter Reynolds in Lugano, a team that traded and managed private and institutional investors on the US markets. He studied Business Finance at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles USA and graduated in 1989. He then passed a General Securities NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) & NASD (National Association Securities Dealers) Registered Representative, Series 7 exam, in London 1991.

4. Investment Philosophy

Seeking to raise EUR 50 million, the fund trading program will be focused on European and US markets. The investment objective is to increase the fund’s Net Asset Value by investing in stocks, bonds, structured products and money market instruments, reducing risk through lower volatility by fractional use of options and futures contracts.

The fund combines proprietary technical systems and discretionary trading expertise. The fund’s aim is to take profit opportunities despite rising or falling markets thanks to specific setting of risk tolerance parameters.

5. Our Approach - Risk Management
  • Trading and hedging considerations - The Fund engages in relative value trading and intends to achieve positive absolute returns adopting long only strategy together with the protection of shorting the relative index. Positions are constantly monitored, and after a 5% movement a stop-loss level is determined to limit capital risk exposureboth on half-hour trading and long term strategy.
  • Volatility – Positions are reviewed on a weekly basis to monitor volatility as well as correlations of volatilities between the different positions of the Fund. The Fund targets an upper limit of 0.33 volatility. Intraday liquidity is maintained by using half-hour trading techniques mainly on blue chips stocks.
  • Use of leverage - The Investment Manager and the Investment Advisory Team intend to lower volatility through limited use of futures contracts (max leverage ratio is 3 to 1 either long or short) and adopting strategy techniques that can involve simple or composite options.
  • Counterparties, diversification, asset allocation – No investment of more than 10% of gross assets is made in any one issuer. No exposure of more than 5% of gross assets to the creditworthiness of any one counterparty. Executions done with major investment banks and brokers. All transactions executed “cash against delivery”.
6. Trading Strategy
  • The strategy combines the power of systematic computer systems with discretionary trading expertise.
  • Strategy exploits profit opportunities arising from rising and falling markets within set risk tolerance parameters.
  • The analytical system incorporates Bollinger bands, high-low breakouts, Fibonacci algorithms and a proprietary system based on risk and timing analysis, the DDS (Dynamic Decision System).
  • All positions have stop levels specifically calculated and adjusted for the stocks traded.
  • Correlation between Delta, Gamma and Theta of traded stock using the following types of options: Bull spread; Bear spread; Butterfly; Straddle; Strangle; Call/Put Ratio back-spread.
7. Details of the Fund

Fund name: Marketplace Investment Fund Ltd.

Value numbers: Telekurs 1915716 - ISIN BSP6463T1065 - Cusip P6463T106

Domicile: Nassau (Bahamas)

Investment Manager: Marketplace Management Ltd, Bahamas

Investment Advisor: Advisory Team

Directors: Noble Services LLC, New York, U.S.A.

Prime Brokers: Man Financial, Lehman Brother, Piazza Affari SIM.

Administrator: Arner Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd.

Board of Directors: AND Limited (Bahamas) and ACD Limited (Bahamas)

Auditor: To be chosen between Price Waterhouse Coopers - Andersen Consulting- Ernst &Young

Details of the Fund (cont.)

Management fee: 1.0% per annum, based on the Fund’s total net assets.

Performance fee: 20%of the net return calculated as the increase in Net Asset Value per share.

Redemption: 30 days notice

Incorporation date: July 22nd 2004

Initial Offering Period: Until 31st March 2005

Minimum investment: Initial investment of €50’000 per subscriber. Initial investment of €10’000 per investor.

Preferred subscriber: Banca Arner, Banca del Gottardo.

8. Taxation

The Fund

Under current laws of the Bahamas, the Fund will not be subject to taxation other than an annual license and filing fee (currently USD 1,450) and annual Company Registration fee (currently USD 1,000.00). The Fund should generally not be subject to any tax on its entire income and revenues in any other jurisdiction, although the Fund may be subject to income taxes or withholding taxes at source on dividend, interest and capital gain income derived from certain jurisdictions.

The Shareholders

Persons interested in purchasing the Shares should inform themselves as to any tax consequences particular to their circumstances arising in the jurisdiction in which they are resident or domiciled for tax purposes in connection with the acquisition, ownership, redemption or disposition of the Shares.

Each shareholder should consult a tax advisor as to his own tax position.

9. Disclaimer

Please note that this is not an offering circular and it should not be relied upon for your investment decision. Investment in the Marketplace Investments Fund should be made only on the basis of the prospectus of The Fund and only after due consideration of the risk disclosures detailed there in.

The distribution of this Document and the offering of Shares may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. The above information is for general guidance only, and it is the responsibility of any person or persons in possession of this Document and wishing to make application for Shares to inform themselves of, and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. Prospective applicants for Shares should inform themselves as to legal requirements also applying and any applicable exchange control regulations and applicable taxes in the countries of their respective citizenship, residence or domicile.

United States: The Shares of the Fund have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and the Fund has not been registered under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940. Shares may not be and will not be offered for sale or sold, transferred or delivered, directly or indirectly, in the United States, its territories or possessions, or to a U.S. Person (as defined herein)