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    1. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 1 NBS BANK WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAM Access to Finance Importance & Success WASHINGTON, 5TH MARCH 2009 Gilford Kadzakumanja NBS Bank Limited

    2. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 2

    3. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 3 INTRODUCTION Malawi has eleven commercial Banks. NBS Bank is the fourth largest. Previously a Building Society until 30/06/04. Listed on MSE - 15 June 2007. MWK20 billion worth of assets. Largest savings market share. Only Bank with an elaborate SME Unit. Only Bank with a Women Entrepreneurs Program.

    4. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 4 OUR INTERVENTION: BALANCING ACCESS Train & Empower women. Improve their knowledge base and confidence level. Increase their probability to access finance. Enable them to grow their market share. Contribute meaningfully to private sector production & development. Restore their dignity and redefine their role in society and national development.

    5. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 5 THE PROGRAM Trains Graduate Loan Officers. Banks & promotes more SMES. Encourages women to come forward. Trains women in partnership with IFC. Utilizes the SME Unit. Involves all PORs spread across the entire country. Developing a woman friendly culture. Monitoring, Reviewing & Sustaining.

    6. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 6 IMPORTANCE OF PROGRAM Improving skills relating to business planning, financial planning, product marketing, and the whole spectrum of financial management. Emphasizing the essential elements of the Banker/Customer relationship. Encouraging owning responsibility and the need to be accountable. Improving the ability to access funds for running businesses. Increasing business stocks and/or production. Enabling entrepreneurs to offer better customer experience.

    7. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 7 IMPORTANCE OF PROGRAM Increasing their business/market share. Enabling them to coach employees/assistants. Managing costs better and Increasing revenues. Learning to plough back and invest for growth. Improve brand equity (consistence), image and reputation. Creating access to a pool of talent and learning from others. Improving networking opportunities and possibilities. Adoption of Best Business Practices. Improving their livelihood & status in society.

    8. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 8 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS Fist training started on 30th June to 3rd July 2008 at Dorvic Hotel in Blantyre. So far 7 groups have been trained a total of 153 women. Breakdown per region: Place no of trainings numbers Blantyre 3 trainings 74 (22,19,33) Lilongwe 2 trainings 44 (25,19) Mzuzu 2 trainings 35 (23,12)

    9. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 9 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS Number and value of loans given per region: Region No. Amount South 121 35,636,819 North 6 5,800,000 Central 59 24,035,454 Totals 186 K65,472,273

    10. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 10 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS Number and value of loans per sector: Region No. Amount Transport 60 39,283,364 Tourism 13 8,511,395 General Trading* 12 7,856,673 Others* 15 9,820,841 Totals 100 K65,472,273 *Beauty salons & boutiques dominate General Trading. *Smaller sectors, e.g. poultry & dairy farming.

    11. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 11 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS Have had 5 breakfast/review sessions. Planning to grow the women portfolio through: Girl graduates (get the list through lady representatives from the University of Malawi who are interested in entrepreneurship). Training more women in other urban and semi-urban centres. Promotion through adverts - both print & electronic. Road shows/interactive open day sessions. Award Regional & National Woman Entrepreneur of the year.

    12. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 12 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS The SME Unit was established in January 2008. First loan was disbursed in February 2008. Total outstanding loans as at 31st January 2009 were K172,191,153. Total Number of SME Loans accounts equaled 501. 186 accounts are for women entrepreneurs amounting to K65,472,273, i.e. 37% in number & 38% in value of the total SME Loan Portfolio. Most dominating sector, value-wise, for the women is transport & trading (i.e. importation of boutique items). In terms of numbers, poultry farming comes first, except that amounts accessed are small - ranging from K200,000 to K500,000.00 per deal.

    13. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 13 THE PROGRAM SUCCESS WHATS IN THE PIPELINE? Continue with the women entrepreneurial training. Explore the engagement/inclusion of girl-graduate entrepreneurs in the program for posterity. Co-ordinate the formation of the Women Entrepreneurs Network. Facilitate inter-regional networking sessions. Hold Regional & National Woman Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Part-Sponsor women entrepreneurs business trip to China next year, budget permitting.

    14. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 14 Intend to continue growing a sizeable portfolio of women borrowers. Offering free business training & advisory services. Train in lots of 25 in all regions (repeatedly). Meet Focus Groups of about 15 women each: Relationship Management Bank level. To overcome new challenges. To share best practice. Promote networking Customer Level. Our wish: Graduate the prosperous ones into corporate entities. AT NBS BANK YOUR CARING BANK

    15. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 15 CHALLENGES FACING OUR WOMEN Lower Education Standard. Complexity of some financial instruments. Unsophisticated Workforce perceived to reduce seen costs (when in reality do increase the unseen costs). Security lack of registrable security. Unfavourable risk-based pricing/high cost of funds. Limited Mobility & unstretched market. Repressive husbands. Still not taken seriously by many. Perceived lower technical & business know-how.

    16. 11/29/2011 GGAK March 2009 16 CONCLUSION AT NBS BANK WE STRONGLY BELIEVE: It is old-fashioned to discriminate against women. Women are hardworking and should be seen as trusted business partners. If you kill a woman, you kill a whole nation rather, help women to take charge and be the best they can be. Let us level the playing field and create opportunities for all mankind. We should make money when our partners are also making money. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Gilford Kadzakumanja March, 2009