native mascot images in sports l.
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Native Mascot Images in Sports

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Native Mascot Images in Sports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native Mascot Images in Sports. Problems:. The dominant group is using a subordinate group’s ethnicity for their own entertainment. Images negatively misrepresent an entire race of people in mainstream media. The Problem is Widespread .

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  • The dominant group is using a subordinate group’s ethnicity for their own entertainment.
  • Images negatively misrepresent an entire race of people in mainstream media.
the problem is widespread
The Problem is Widespread

Eight of the ten most common nicknames for college sports teams are animals.

1. Eagles  2. Tigers  3. Cougars  4. Bulldogs5. Warriors  6. Lions  7. Panthers8. Indians  9. Wildcats10. Bears

native mascots have many forms
Native Mascots Have Many Forms
  • Warriors
  • Indians
  • Apaches
  • Fighting Sioux
  • Fighting Illini
  • Chiefs
  • Chieftains
  • Braves
  • Redskins
  • Redmen
  • Tomahawks
  • Savages.

Q. What's wrong with Indian mascots? They honor Indians... don't they?

A.  Would you paint your face black, wear an afro wig and prance around the football field trying to imitate your perceptions of black people?

symbolism 3 historical meaning
Symbolism #3 Historical Meaning

The word Redskin derived from the practice ofskinning Indians for easy transport when collecting bounty.

example of historical meaning
Example of Historical Meaning:
  • "Chief Osceola" was killed under a flag of truce. His severed head was then kept in a medical museum for 30 years.
  • To native people the logo of FSU is seen as a present day representation of that severed head.
effect 1 sociological meanings of images
Effect #1 Sociological Meanings of Images
  • Distorts Native American children's' cultural perceptions of themselves.
  • Shapes non-Indian attitudes
  • Diminishes Native culture.
  • Hurts
  • Stereotypes
  • Dehumanizes
effect 2 it affects self identity
Effect #2 It Affects Self Identity

Video Clip:

In Whose Honor?




problem 5 it affects native religions
Problem #5 It Affects Native Religions
  • Feathers, paint & dances are all part of their religious imagery.
  • By using objects considered sacred by Native people for sports events, in this land based on religious freedom, it mocks the religion itself.
example of how religious mimicking is offensive
Example of How Religious Mimicking is offensive:

Q. Shouldn't we then protest the New Orleans Saints because they are offensive to Christians?

A. No. They are not selling toy crucifixes as souvenirs and a little mascot dressed as the Pope doesn’t run around.

effect 3 violent references in the media
Effect #3 Violent References in the Media
  • "Cowboys finish off Redskins“
  • “Kill the Indians” shouted by opposing teams
  • “Cougars scalp Sioux 31-24"
  • “Orioles gun down Indians”
intentional or unintentional native mascot images are negative
Intentional or Unintentional, Native Mascot Images are Negative

"We don't view it as looking down on their race..."  - Athletic director, Ohio H.S. which has an "Indian head" doormat in the hallway.