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  1. LOBO TRANDUCERS High Linearity Technology is the latest technology used for edge structure to obtain smooth and high linear value to parallel piton movement Dual Layers voice Coil vibration Membrane reproduces sound with phase shift free and ideal medium to high range Original Air Damper Structure uses non-cotton thin cloth material to have even air ventilation High Magnetic Force Magnets are used to attain the highest efficiency regardless of the size of speakers High Precision Frame Structure enables higher linearity and plane wave over the sound precision

  2. Line Array Concept Thinness and Balance of Sound generated by Lobo Line Array Speakers Sound Accessibility up to 48m Sound Intelligibility No feedback Sharp Directivity

  3. Sharp Directivity Horizontal dispersion is 110 degrees Vertical dispersion is 3 degrees

  4. Clear Sound Range 3° Frequency response is 140HZ to 20KHZ  110º 3°

  5. Planar Wave Sound can reach as far as 48 meters with even distribution The difference in sound level between the front and rear of the covered area would be extremely small

  6. Non-reverbration When a microphone is pointing at the speaker, the microphone only picks up the sound from one or two small speaker elements; the power is so weak that it will not be enough to cause feedback. OK !

  7. Lobo Micro Line Array Speakers 3 models in different height for DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS • PL288, 1790mm x 75mm • PL96, 610mm x 75mm • PL48,316mm x 75mm

  8. Subwoofers • Uniquely designed to match with the Micro Line Array Speakers • Achieves high-power and high-response performance by using dual voice coils • For multi-media presentations at various kinds of installation sites, from theater, big hall, stadium, to any other open fields • Subwoofer PLSW-B serves as a stand base for Micro Line Array Speaker PL288 • Black and silver are available to match with the Micro Line Array Speakers PLSW-B PLSW-2

  9. PM2200 Powered Mixer New • 2U Integrated powered mixer with AV solution • 4 mic inputs and 4 program sources (DVD, VCD, Line 1 & Line 2) • Lots of I/O: VGA input, VGA output, Direct out, TV Video output and Insert Input • All-in-one .It is the most simple system for conferencing system. • Plug-and-play operation