introduction to the njda state soil conservation committee l.
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Introduction to the NJDA State Soil Conservation Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to the NJDA State Soil Conservation Committee

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Introduction to the NJDA State Soil Conservation Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the NJDA State Soil Conservation Committee. (you will be tested on this). A Little Background…. Chpt. 24, Title 4, rev. Statutes of NJ – Soil Conservation Est. 1937 and subsequently revised

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a little background
A Little Background…..
  • Chpt. 24, Title 4, rev. Statutes of NJ – Soil Conservation
  • Est. 1937 and subsequently revised
  • 1959, the State Committee is transferred from NJDEP (then, NJ Dept. of Conservation and Economic Development) to NJ DA
  • Been here ever since
background continued
Background Continued
  • 11 members make up the Committee:
  • Secretary of Ag
  • Director of Ag Extension Service
  • Commissioner of DEP
  • Governor’s appointee
  • 6 district supervisors
  • 1 appointee from the Secretary, USDA
what does the sscc do
What does the SSCC do?
  • Oversee the implementation of the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act of NJ
  • Oversee and coordinate actions of the districts
  • Interface with other state and federal agencies (including Rowan and Rutgers Universities)
  • Develop and promulgate rules and policies concerning urban and agricultural conservation practices
  • Develop and promulgate “The Standards” for soil erosion control
  • Oversees the NJPDES permit program for NJ
  • And just about anything else you can think of related to natural resources conservation!
Public Law 1999, c0269 authorizes an appropriation of $2.5M for 6 districts to engage in watershed planning for NJDEP
project stats
Project Stats
  • 40 HUC 14 sub watersheds
  • 156,000 acres of land studied and characterized
  • 2 Physiographic provinces addressed
  • Hydrologic and water quality studies in urban and rural settings
  • Drainage study and design
  • Agricultural impacts studied
scope of work
Scope of Work
  • Characterize the Majority of the Upper Maurice WS
  • Visually inspect almost 190 miles of stream corridors including data collection and photography
  • Identify 8 water quality sampling locations
  • Deploy 8 recording stream gages and numerous staff gages
  • Develop rating curves for each of the 8 sample stream locations
  • Conduct in-stream sampling
  • Develop hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality models
  • Develop model ordinances for municipalities for the protection of water resources
  • Initiate a sub-study to revise the SCS TR-55 Peak Rate Factor
preliminary data
Preliminary Data

WQ Sample


recharge and zoning analysis



Municipal Zoning

Recharge and Zoning Analysis
further studies and endevors
Further Studies and Endevors….
  • Peak Rate Factor (PRF) for TR-55 in So. NJ
  • Tc timing parameters also for So. NJ
  • Additional Watershed Studies
  • Wastewater Treatment using Constructed Wetlands (SSCC, C-A district, NRCS PMC)
  • Low Impact Development (SSCC contract w/DEP)
  • Water Quality BMP Manual (SSCC, DEP, DOT & others)
contact info
Contact Info….

John Showler, MS, Environmental Scientist

State Soil Conservation Committee

New Jersey Department of Agriculture

PO Box 330, Trenton, NJ 08625

(609) 292-5540