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Introducing the 90% Efficient A. O. Smith Residential Power-Vent Gas Water Heater PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing the 90% Efficient A. O. Smith Residential Power-Vent Gas Water Heater

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Introducing the 90% Efficient A. O. Smith Residential Power-Vent Gas Water Heater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing the 90% Efficient A. O. Smith Residential Power-Vent Gas Water Heater With Vertex, A. O. Smith innovation has revolutionized residential water heater design and performance!

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Presentation Transcript
Introducing the 90% Efficient A. O. Smith
  • Residential Power-VentGas Water Heater
With Vertex, A. O. Smith innovation has revolutionized residential water heater design and performance!
Vertex was developed by A. O. Smith in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy, to help meet the D.O.E.’s goal to provide American homeowners with a greater choice of energy-efficient products.
Vertex Highlights
    • 90% thermal efficiency
    • Power-vent
    • 50-gallon, 76,000 BTU
    • 127 gallon first hour delivery
    • 92 gallon recovery @ 90° rise
    • Endless hot water, always delivers “one more hot shower”
    • Recirculating side taps for combination systems
The Challenges…

Satisfy any homeowner who needs more hot water than a standard 40 or 50-gallon heater can deliver

Increase energy-efficiency to reduce energy costs

With Vertex, A.O. Smith has given plumbing contractors an easy-to-install option to meet both challenges!

The “sweet spot”?The upscale homeowner!
    • Larger homes with 3or more bathrooms
    • Whirlpool tubs andluxury showers
    • Big families with teenagers
    • High peak demand requirements
    • “Early adopters” who want the latest and best technology
Install 75-gallon or larger water heater

Install two 40 or 50-gallon water heaters together

Install multiple “on-demand” water heaters

The A. O. Smith residentialline includes all these options. Now, there’s an easier and better way!

Options to meet the challenge…

The source of the power and efficiency of theA. O. Smith Vertex is a fully-submerged internal coil heat exchanger.
A. O. Smith Vertex Heat Exchanger
    • Greatly improves heat transfer surface compared to standard gas flue tube
    • Helps keep hot combustion gases in the tank longer to lengthen heat transfer cycle
    • Allows 76,000 BTU input in a50-gallon tank
A. O. Smith Vertex Heat Exchanger
    • Harmful sediment is less likelyto build up on heat exchanger
    • Inside and outside of heat exchanger, and the entire Vertex tank, are protectedby A. O. Smith’s exclusive commercial-grade PermaGlas® Ultra Coat™ lining
Because of its 90% thermal efficiency, Vertex is a fully condensing water heater
    • Condensate elbow and outlet are supplied for installation at the heat exchanger outlet at the bottom of the unit
A. O. Smith Vertex is also equipped with separate hot and cold “side taps” for…
    • “Combination” systems providing domestic hot water, plus
      • Forced-air space heating, or…
      • Radiant floor heating
    • Any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop

Hot Out

Cold In

Vertex is the best residential water heaterever made by one of the world’s leading water heater manufacturers.
  • How should you sell it?
First, sell remarkable hot water output, for…
    • Any homeowner who needs more hot water because of…
      • Two or more full bathrooms
      • Whirlpool tubs or multiple-head showers
      • Teenagers who take longer showers(or younger children who will be teenagers)
      • High peak demand periods in the morning or evening
And, in addition to an amazing first hour and awesome recovery, the A. O. Smith Vertex delivers endless hot water!
    • “Continuous flow” assures that homeowners will always be able to get “one more hot shower” from Vertex!
Vertex will provide all the hot water homeowners need, without requiringthem to change their lifestyle!
  • Let’s compare to “on-demand” water heaters.
As the leading providerof hot water solutions,A. O. Smith offers allthe products plumbing contractors need andwant, including our ProStar™ on-demand line!
On-Demand has a niche in the market…
    • Smaller homes and families
    • Room additions
    • Point-of-use applications
    • New construction projects where on-demand venting and water/gas line requirements, plus adequate on-demand sizing can be built into the plan
  • However…
Modern American lifestyles are built around high “peak demand” periods, with multiple showers and other hot water consumption taking place simultaneously.
A single “On-Demand” Water Heater delivering 6-8 gpm at 45º rise simply cannot handle a high peak demand load.
  • With 127 gallon first hour delivery and 92 GPH recovery at 90º rise, the A. O. Smith Vertex™ can handle the load!
compare vertex thermal efficiency to conventional residential units
Compare Vertex Thermal Efficiency to “Conventional” Residential Units…
  • With gas prices continuing to rise, Vertex will heat more water, and reduce a homeowner’s energy bills!
vertex installation
Vertex Installation
  • No surprises!
  • Vertex delivers revolutionary performance with contractor-friendly installation!
vertex installation25
Vertex Installation
  • 22" Footprint means Vertex will be an easy fit for replacement of almost any conventional 40 or 50 gallon water heater


vertex installation26
Vertex Installation
  • Standard 3/4" water connectionson 8" centers
vertex installation27
Vertex Installation
  • Standard 1/2" gas line sizing into side-mounted connection to Intelli-Vent™ Control Valve
intelli vent control valve
Intelli-Vent™ Control Valve
  • Advanced electronic circuitry for precise temperature control
  • Easy touch-pad temperature adjustment
  • Advanced diagnostics, with easy-to-understand LED error codes
vertex installation29
Vertex Installation
  • Comes with all PVC pipe and fittings to connect heat exchanger outlet to blower, including condensate elbow and outlet
power vent installation versatility
Power-Vent Installation Versatility
  • Vertex uses inexpensive, contractor-friendly PVC vent pipe, instead of metal B-Vent or Category III Stainless Steel
  • Allows vent runs terminating horizontally or vertically, as follows…
    • 2" pipe: up to 25 equivalent feet
    • 3" pipe: up to 65 equivalent feet
    • 4" pipe: up to 128 equivalent feet
another a o smith innovation
Another A. O. Smith Innovation
  • Vertex comes with new A. O. Smith Vent Attenuation Assembly (V.A.A.) for installation where an extra-quiet operating environment is essential!
a o smith v a a
A. O. Smith V.A.A.
  • Can be installed in vertical or horizontal position within vent run
  • Also available separately for installation with any power-vent water heater
Finally, the best of everything for today’s high demand homes!
    • Exceptional output
    • 90% thermal efficiency
    • Easy installation